Well, it's been some time now hasn't it? The last time I wrote something and actually posted it was all the way back in November of last year. And though so much has happened it also feels like the past year has kind of just slipped away. But I thought it was about time I sat down and updated you all on what's been going on.

I finally finished uni...

It feels crazy to say since it was only back in January where I decided to listen to my gut and switch to the bachelor's degree rather than the integrated master's I was originally signed up to. Honestly, that's a whole other story but as a gist the pandemic and my mental health made me reevaluate everything during this last year, and I realized that a master's degree or more could wait but my own health and wellbeing could not.

So yeah I finished university. 4 years seems enough for now and though I'm completely bricking it I'm ready for the next challenge.

Sophie's Spot is switching courses...

I've been thinking about this a lot and honestly wrote so many copies of how I would work this, but if it hasn't been obvious for the last half a year I'm taking a step back from blogging.

To me, it seems the right time.

Blogging was something I did alongside school, and if you've been here for even a short period of time you've been with me as I've grown throughout my years of different schooling stages. However, now education for me seems to be coming to a close I think it's time to close the complete chapter and move onto bigger and better things.

Sophie's Spot is going nowhere, for now, I just can't bear to take it down since it holds so many memories, and I'm ready to leave it like that, memories.

However, I'm not leaving the internet completely. I'm hoping to invest more time into Instagram and photography instead. My hobbies and interests over the years have shifted away from writing and more to photography, so I think it's finally time to give myself time to grow in that area instead.

It feels weird that an era in my life is coming to an end. For the most part, it feels like I've always been doing this, school and blogging, but there comes a time where you know that you need to leave one thing to move onto better things.

If you still want to keep up to date with little old me, I'm over on Twitter and Instagram mostly and would love to see you there.

So, for now, it's goodbye but I hope we still do see each other again soon.