Graphic saying "5 things to do for halloween during lockdown" with three little kids dressed as ghosts underneath

Most things this year haven't quite gone to plan, and with Halloween just about less than a week away, it seems that too isn't going to be the same as all the other years.

However, I personally don't want to think I've missed out on another thing this year, so that's why I've racked my brain to come up with five ways that you can do this Halloween even if you are confined to your home.



As much as by now I'm sure we are all sick of online lectures, for the most part, video and voice calling our friends (and family) is the only way we are able to socialise. And with even more places locking down as this pandemic continues, the forecast for any parties happening this Halloween doesn't seem bright. So I suggest instead zoom parties. Honestly, for me I would probably prefer it a little more sat in my room in my PJs, but for those of you who want to drink and hang out with friends maybe this would be a decent enough substitute for those crowded and loud dance floors.

Movie Evenings

Despite us all being stuck to staying in our rooms, we can still continue the traditions of watching scary (or as scary as Disney can go for me) movies on Halloween. Either find a movie on Netflix and get everyone joined in on Netflix Party, or get everyone on over to Discord where you can watch a few movies together.

Do It For The Gram

We might not be able to get dressed up and go out, but this year we can still get dressed up and hang out in our rooms. I know I don't like to waste a good makeup moment, so maybe if you get dressed up this Halloween why not give yourself a photoshoot, and share those looks with your friends over on Instagram. If you do post anything I'd love to be tagged in them!

Bake Some Treats (or tricks)

Going way back to one of my first few years of blogging I created a post on baking some ghost biscuits, baking is always a fun activity to do when (or even when your not) confided to your own home. From cookies to cakes, you can bake anything and make it Halloween theme. If you need some ideas Pinterest is a great place to find some Halloween treat inspiration. I have a board set up for them if you want some quick inspiration.

Take A Break

I for one know I'm terrible at actually taking a break, and as much as I try to a take a breather my mind doesn't really shut off. But with the stresses that this year has brought to everyone, maybe using Halloween as an excuse to pause for a second and let yourselves breathe wouldn't be a bad thing. Give yourself a treat! 

Writing this I realised I miss the days of trick'n'treating and that now I don't really do much for Halloween. But what do you normally do for Halloween? And what plans do you have for this year?

- Sophie

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