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If you didn't realise by now I am a sucker for tips'n'tricks to make my life easier, especially during this time of studying online. So with that, I have found myself adding quite a few new chrome extensions to the web browser to try and ease the stress that third year is bringing to my door. Since I'm sure many of you also use Chrome I thought it might be of some help to make a post about my favourites of these chrome extensions.


Cite This For Me

I'm going to start off with my newest favourite, but this is a chrome extension that will create a reference for the webpage you are on in your preferred referencing format. As someone who is currently working on their final year investigations project (read dissertation) this is super helpful in making sure I'm actually formatting things properly for my final paper.

Dark Reader

If the name doesn't give this away this is a chrome extension that lets you turn your page into dark mode. Honestly, I don't use this a lot since I work mostly through the day so the light mode is my preferred way, but for when you have to do uni work and readings into the night (which is getting earlier and earlier at the moment) then this will make sure your eyes don't get so much of a strain.

Google Dictionary

Doesn't need too much of an explanation for this, but it's helpful to have as a chrome extension so you are not opening up a new tab every time you need to search a new work. Works wonders for me when I already have way too many tabs open.


I've been using this since my days of study abroad. It's a chrome extension that also links to the Pocket app. You can pocket a page, which is pretty much bookmarking it, and then have it on any device you have pocket on. I speak about it also in my post about Apps That Every Student Should Be Using.


I'm sure everyone and their grandmothers have heard of Grammarly by now, but I'm not going to miss it out because this saves me so much. Grammar and spelling isn't my strong suit however with this extension I can be sure that my essays and reports are sounding more put together.

Strict Workflow

The Internet is a very easy place to find yourself procrastinating from the things that need to be done due to the many distractions it holds the door open for you to. However, with Strict Workflow, this chrome extension will block you from sites of your choosing, such as Twitter and Youtube, for a set period of time that you also choose. Removing the distractions and hopefully resulting in more work getting done.

Ad Block

I'm sure most of us have this already, but Ad Block has been a staple of my Chrome extensions since forever. Not only great for blocking Youtube ads when I'm trying to watch a video to aid in my understanding of physics but also works on sites like Chruncyroll for when I'm taking a break and enjoying my favourite animes.


What was once Netflix Party is now Teleparty and works on other streaming services than Netflix. Times are difficult when it comes to socialising with all the restrictions in place (that we should all be following by the way) however extensions like Teleparty can make you feel like you're having a movie night with your friends even if you are sat inside your own rooms. 


One of the newer additions to my chrome extensions. With the fact that I spend pretty much all my day at the moment sitting at my desk, I can feel my self slouching further and further down my chair as the hours pass by. However, with this chrome extension, you get a regular notification that will pop up to remind you to fix your posture. Trust me your back will thank you if you actually sit better at your desk space.

Water Reminder

Another newer addition and another reminder one as well. This one for water. I'm a sucker for forgetting to drink water throughout the day, so this extension again notifies me throughout the day to make sure I've remembered to actually drink something. My body and mind will thank me for it.

So these are just 10 of the many chrome extensions out there that can help a student, or anyone really, throughout their time spent at their computer.

What are your favourite Chrome extensions?

- Sophie

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