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I'm not going to promise you that university won't be stressful. It seriously is at times. But I want to put together some tips that might help to reduce some of that stress even if it is only the smallest amount for even the shortest of times.


Keep on top of homework

Simple but effective. If you are on top of everything, and not rushing to complete every assignment the night of the deadline alongside revising for the impending exams that also follow deadline season, you'll find yourself not only less stressed about fitting everything in but also you'll be able to give everything you best and all. Meaning those grades will probably come out better.

Revise throughout the year

It's become a common thing to think that students end up cramming everything in for an exam the night before, however, I have never once done that and I've not failed anything yet. Instead, I revise throughout the year. As much as our teachers and professors tell us to consolidate the information from each lesson as we go along and there are many science reports stating that the best time to consolidate the lesson is the night or day after most of us don't take this on board. And to be honest, sometimes all the workload just gets overwhelming which can be stressful all on its own. However, if you revise even just a little throughout the year, say like once a week go over everything you've done that week, by the time exams come around you'll feel a lot calmer about the knowledge that you do actually know.

Make time each week to spend with friends or family

Anybody who can take your mind away from all the stresses of studying. Sometimes one or the other might make things more stressful for you to be around them, but find at least one person who can take your attention away from the work you've got to do even if it is only for a couple of hours each week.

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Get into a rhythm

Find a schedule that works for you, and keep to it the best you can. Not only will this help to stop you procrastinating but it will also mean that for parts of your day you won't have to use brainpower for choosing what to do since it is already set out for you. And instead, that brainpower can be put towards studying. Even making a meal plan for the week will mean you have one less thing to think and stress about each day.

Have a decent sleep schedule

Be it five hours or ten, find a time length which lets you charge up your batteries without oversleeping and exhausting yourself more. Whatever length of time you chose make sure that you sleep at the same time every day. That pattern will set your body and especially your brain to work at its best throughout the day and therefore you are more likely to have a less stress-filled day.

Whatever you chose from this list, make sure it works for you and how your body works. We are each totally different individuals and work to different rhythms, so how we make university less stressful will always be slightly different.

Even with all these points, there are more ways to reduce stress like watching your favourite TV show or reading a book, what ways asides from the above ones do you use to make university (or college or school) less stressful?

- Sophie

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