Starting university is already daunting enough without the pressure of a global pandemic on everyone's shoulders. And that also doesn't make freshers week (or fortnight) any less nerve-wracking or exciting than any other year in the past.

However, for those of you who are still undertaking your first year at university this year, I wanted to put together some ideas of how to make freshers week slightly more fun when you can go out to the club every even, and party until the sun rises.


For things like the fresher fairs and sports fair, I hope all universities find a way of doing this either safely in person or online or at least share the information about societies and clubs with everyone since I can't see those fairs happening any time soon.

Though since I can't answer for you how those events are going to turn out, I've come up with a few ideas that you can do either on your own or with your new flatmates to ease in a enjoy the first few weeks of university life.

Have a games evening.

Bonding and friendly competition, it'll hopefully break down those walls and if you do drink add in some drinking games so you can still get some feeling of a freshers haze. Don't force yourself to drink though, I haven't drunk once during any of my freshers weeks at uni and I've had plenty of fun.

Cook a meal as a flat.

Some people can keep this up all year but honestly, with everyone's time schedules it's not always possible. However, during freshers week most people don't have heavy time commitments yet so it's the perfect time to combine all those (or lack of) cooking skills you all have and try and make something edible. If all else fails you can always order some pizzas and have a pizza and movie night.

Try and meet up with your coursemates.

Depending how much of your course is online you might never meet your classmates in person (at least for this first semester) however these will also be the people that will hold you up during the rest of your time at uni. Even if you don't become close friends, having another person who can help you out is great. Plus stress shared is stress halved and you'll be thankful during deadline and exam season for that.

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Get a head start on your study.

Okay don't hate me for mentioning this when freshers week is all about having fun and settling in for uni, but I also want to make this year as easy for you as possible and getting a head start on any work will mean in the long run you'll be able to keep up and have a less stressful exam season.

Explore your uni town or city.

Despite the next academic year looking like we'll all be spending a lot of time in our dorm rooms studying, getting outside is also so good for both your physical and mental health. So why not use the extra free time you have during freshers week to explore the area around you. And maybe even find a new favourite spot to either study in or run to when you need a break. But don't forget your mask when you go outside!

Decorate your room.

Obvious really. Like doesn't everyone do that anyway? But I just want to put it here to remind you to make your room not only a place of study but also a place to relax. We'll definitely be spending a lot of time in our rooms rather than on campus the next year so making your room feel like home is going to bring some kind of calm.

I hope for you newbies and those of you returning to uni there was something of use here. I've not got long now before I move back to uni and I'm so ready to jump back into things.

What are you hoping to do during this year's freshers week? I'd love to know your ideas of how to make the most of freshers during a global pandemic.

- Sophie

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