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Recently for our apple products, there has been an update on iOS. And with this new update, the iOS14 brings a whole bunch of features that are perfect for taking our digital notes a lot more smoothly. So I'm here today to gather a list of all the new features for you to try out for yourself.



This feature is a great addition in making the process of working with an apple pencil that much more efficient and smoother. Scribble lets you write in areas you would normally type and those words are changed to text. So say if you wanted to search something up you could write into the search engine what you are looking for instead of typing it, meaning you don't have to put your pencil down at all. Other features of this are crossing out letters or words that you want to be deleted or adding a verticle line between where you want a space if one is missing. And it even works in Goodnotes, for example in the textboxes or even in the search bar when looking up keywords in your work.

Shape Recognition

This is when you try and draw a shape such as a star or heart your iPad will automatically sharpen and perfect the shape if you hold your pen to the screen after you finish drawing. For those of you who use Procreate this is a similar feature to what you can do in that app, however now you can also use this tool in other apps like the iPad notes or Goodnotes. Great for those who like to include illustrations in their work or even just to doodle on the side; like how we used to doodle in the margins of our school workbooks.

Selection of Handwritten Notes

This works like the lasso tool in Goodnotes, where you can select those notes that you have written by hand. However, now the iPad recognises handwritten text from any drawings that you might also have included in your notes. This smart selection then allows you to treat the text as typed text and you can even paste your handwritten words as typed text in other apps such as google docs; giving a lot more freedom to the notes you write by hand.

More Digital Note Tips:

Data Detection

This is a new and quick way to add dates and events to your calendar from wherever you are taking your lecture notes. Say you professor gave out an assignment due date during your lecture, instead of flickering between different apps, the ios14 update means your iPad can now detect these and lets you add them to you calendar from the notes app that you are on. This also works with phone numbers, emails and addresses too.

Quick Styles

For those of you who do type, either instead of or as well as handwriting your notes, there is also the new quick way of switching between different text looks, with the boldface, italics, title, heading and more now located on the Aa button on the keyboard, making it smoother to personalise your own notes.

These are just some of the new additions that come along with the iOS14 update. I'm sure by now you've seen nearly everyone and their grandmothers making their phone screens look ethically pleasing but now I hope these tips too help you make the use of your iPad (or any other Apple device) more fun and efficient.

I don't post much about my notes and such on my personal/blogging Instagram, however, if you want to see more of my university life or how I'm getting along with taking notes digitally I do have a studygram account that you can follow me on, @she_studies_astro. I'm trying to get into using my studygram more again as some kind of motivation to keep my notes up to date and looking presentable.

Have you found any new features for iOS devices that you love, share them below? Or if you use a different device, what are your favourite tips for taking notes digitally?

- Sophie

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