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There’s a lot of advice out there tipped to making student life easier. To ride out the exams and coursework while still fitting in time for friends, family and fun. But there’s little around after university and the simple fact is, some people do struggle. 

The job market is intense, especially at the moment with so many people out of work due to the coronavirus pandemic. So what do you do when you finish? Maybe you haven’t got that defined career path and that’s fine. At the end of the day, everyone is different and will approach the end of student life in a different way. What works for someone else might not quite work for you. When you see tips and advice, make sure you take them with a pinch of salt because they may not work for you. Whatever you do, good luck!

Go Into A Vocation

You don’t have to follow the academic route just because you went to university. A lot of people go to simply get a degree before following something they are passionate about. This applies even if you studied a degree designed to get you into a field of practice like law for example. Or you might even want to do something else which requires a qualification, like a Diploma in Natural Skincare Formulation. Whatever it is, try not to be peer pressured by others. You have a few options available and you don’t need to just jump to the nearest opportunity unless you’re really desperate.

Further Education

Maybe academia is for you. Maybe you love university and aren’t ready to quit. The best thing you can do is go on to do your masters or doctorate. Though there is the option of going and working for a few years before coming back to it, but for some, it doesn’t happen like that. You get used to the money, life happens, you buy a house, kids, etc, and your attention can be taken away from studying. Doing it now when you’re already in university and already committed to it can also mean that your head is still in study mode. It doesn’t mean you have to stay at your current university either. You can go somewhere else which has a more narrowed downfield of study, which is more aligned with your interest. Take time and look at what's best for you before applying.

Take Some Time Away

University can be quite intense. It can certainly tire you out. You might not want to go straight into a busy 9-5 job which saps all of your energy. Instead, you might want to relax for a little while. Do it now, when you have the chance. You can get an hourly paid, low skilled job and take stock of what you want to do and how you want to approach it. You might want to move somewhere else for a year to see what it’s like. Or you could just stay local and reconnect with some old friends before taking your step out into the world. Either way, it’s certainly something you can consider and the life experience you get from it can help you succeed down the line.