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With it being the back-to-school season and with a large portion of (at least) university students having to take their lectures online, a lot of us are moving towards a more digital world when it comes to note-taking.
Since the other week I wrote some posts about digital note-taking and apps that you can use for that, I thought I would follow it up with an array of apps that asides from the ones to take your notes on would also be helpful for your studies.



If you're anyone on studytube, or studygram etc, you've probably heard of Notion, and then really I feel like everyone has heard about it somewhere even if you are not studying anymore. But anyway, this is an app to help you stay organised, or well that is what I'm using it for. I'm still pretty new to the app and I'm currently still only setting it up for uni (as well as hope for blogging too) but the set out is neat, and if you don't know where to start there are templates that you can use to help you get the grasp of it. Would it be of interest to see how I use mine once I've got the hang of it?


I used this while I was 'studying abroad' and just getting into digital note-taking to track when my classes were and anything assignments or exams wise that I had for them. I guess in a sense it is like Notion. However (unless I'm missing it on Notion) P.Schdule also links up with your notifications on your device meaning you'll get reminders for when things are going to happen or when they are due. I feel like for some of us, being reminded when a class is, is probably a good thing when we have to spend all the time in our rooms and I bet time will not seem the same compared to when we are out and about at uni all day.


Pocket is an app that allows you to save and gather web pages all in one place. I started using this since I tend to have one too many tabs or windows open at one time, which ends up slowing down my laptop a whole lot. So using pocket, which is not only an app but also a Chrome Extension, means I can group pages for projects together to clear my workspace. The fact you can also link between devices means that if you are looking up pages on one device and need them on the other you don't need to hunt through google to find them again.


Canvas is the site/app which my uni uses to set our assignments or give out notices. Other unis might have different ones, but it's all the same concept. An app to have all your uni work in once place, and to keep track of what you are being asked to complete. Handy.


This is an app to time and keeps track of you when you are studying. There are other apps out there such as FLIP or Forest, however, this is just the one I'm trying out this year. Anything to try and keep you from going on all your other apps and to make sure you get your study time in. As a uni student, especially this year, we have to hold ourselves accountable when it comes to studying since we don't have anyone watching over our shoulders anymore to make sure we are doing it.


This is an app to create mindmaps or spider diagrams. Personally, I don't use spider diagrams all that too much since it's not the best way for me to study, however, I wanted to try it out since I know that a lot of people study this way, and wanted to find a clean and efficient way that you can continue this way of studying while working digitally.

PDF Reader

Honestly, any kind of PDF reader will work, but having one means you'll be able to not only download and work on the work that is assigned to you but also you'll be able to upload any reading that you have to do on there as well. Hack! But if you need a textbook and don't want to fork out the money for it, search the title and authors name into google with pdf on the end and if there is a version for that it'll be near the top of your search page, as well as hopefully free.


This will be all down to whether past student from your uni and course use this app, but if they have then they might have uploaded their past notes, that you can then use for your own studies. Unfortunately, no one from my course seems to use it, however, I might upload my own notes for the then-future student to use. We all need to help each other out.

So there you have it, a couple of apps that should hopefully help you out with your studying.

I'm always up for finding new apps, so if any of you have any suggestions please send them my way.

- Sophie

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