the forgotten items of the university checklist part 3

It's that time of the year again and that means there is a whole bunch of us going back to university in the next coming months. For the last couple of years, I've had this little series on the go to help those of you who feel like there is something missing from your university checklists, so for the third year, I now have you part three of this series.

Past 2 posts of the forgotten items of the university checklist:


Bath Mat

Though the floor of many student bathrooms has a drainage system or are even wet-rooms, a bath mat for those with bathrooms will be a much-appreciated addition to your university checklist, so you're not wading through depths of water in there after having a single shower.

Extension Cord

Though university rooms do come with plug sockets they are one not always in the best place and two there might not be enough, so that is where an extension cord comes in. As long as you're are not overpowering the mains it should be okay. As well if you pay for the electricity bill separate from rent payments make sure you calculate in the costs of using more devices.

Foldable Boxes or Ikea Bags

When we move in boxes and bags are our go-to, however, when you get to uni you are limited in places to store these boxes since you still want them for when you move out at the end of the year. Though some rooms do have space under the bed to store boxes not all do so having boxes or bags that you can fold and store away for the next 10 months or so will save your room from being too crowded.


Though you will have the ceiling light, as well as, I'm sure many of you will have fairy lights, the desk lamp in some university rooms might not be up to the brightness you want when studying your way through the night (should probably say to make sure you sleep since your health is more important than any grade). That's why having a desk lamp might be a good addition to your university checklist even if you get it once you're at uni. Plus with all these online lectures this year, you want to make sure that your study space in your room is up to par.

I really wanted to make this post go up to 5 things that are forgotten about when packing for uni, but I think with this being the third post of its kind on this blog I'm running out of ideas. Though if you have anything that you can think of that would be helpful for other people to take with them to uni, be a helpful human and leave them in the comments below.

With that, I'll sign this post off with one more question. Are there any student-related blog posts that you'd like to see on here this next year? I'm getting that planning in before third year hits me hard.

- Sophie

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