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I've been trying to come up with ways to incorporate my enthusiasm for sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyles into my blog more for a while now. So as I usually do, I came up with an idea just as I was trying to fall asleep the other night, and that idea was to just give a more personal insight into how my journey towards sustainable living is going.

We can't all go 100% plastic-free, for example, from the get-go, definitely not with the many products we have to buy each week such as food coming covered in plastic.

So I thought this would be a fun thing to do, to update you all, as well as to see how you are all doing, in the steps, be they small or big, in working towards living more in tune with the natural environment.

I knew from the start of this year, that making moves towards my ideal sustainable lifestyle wouldn't be smooth sailing with the fact that I was to go on Study Abroad in South Korea in March. I knew that the sustainable living movement wasn't as big in South Korea and I also knew that I didn't want to miss out on once in a lifetime things just because it wouldn't fit the 'sustainable lifestyle' stereotype. Ironically that was all taken out of my hands with my study abroad being cut short due to COVID-19 but that's a story I've covered in the past.

You'd also think that being back in the UK and in familiar territory that maybe I'd be able to live that lifestyle I've been aiming for, but alas being back at home with my family, meant that idea isn't straight forward. It kind of sounds like an excuse but for things as similar as buying fruit and veg not in plastic packaging is out of my control when I don't do the food shopping when living with my parents. However, I think this lifestyle that I've been aiming for for the last couple of years is slowly getting through to them and what they perceive as 'normal', thanks to tv and the fact my little sister has been working in an eco-friendly re-fill shop. Meaning she brought home stuff for us, and I guess introduced it to the rest of my family and what alternatives there are out there.

Though for me personally, I've not done much apart from limiting online shopping, which can be rather easy to get sucked into during the lockdown period, though that was also due to me wanted to save to be able to travel once we can again. However, I have also begun to start making lists of eco-friendly, sustainable and ethical beauty products, such as make-up and skincare, as well as clothing sites, that I plan to use when I need to replace something that is already in either my beauty collection or wardrobe. Would sharing those lists on here be of use to anyone?

So, so far this year I've not made huge leaps and bounds but as I always say 'one tiny step is better than no steps at all'.

Are any of you also on a journey to living more sustainably? What has been your favourite change so far?

- Sophie

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