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It feels like forever since I last wrote a bullet journal post with my last one being my April 2020 Bullet Journal Set Up. But alas I'm finally back with another post for all you bullet journalling lovers.

One of the many uses that I get out of my bullet journal is the practical use of using it as a weekly planner and being able to sort out my week before it has even started. However, whilst I enjoy being creative I don't always have the time or the creative juices to come up with ideas every week for the look of the weekly spreads. So for those of you out there who have found themselves in the same situation I've found myself in plenty of times, I have this posts for you today with some ideas for you to use in your bullet journals or even to prompt you on your own designs.


a double spread of a weekly spread out. each page spilt into four, with the top left showing a mini month calendar, and then the rest of the quadrants for each day of the week
a purple themed bullet journal weekly spread. double spread spilt into 6 columns with the last one containing both saturday and sunday

For the most part, I wanted to keep this simple and easy to achieve in a short amount of time since we don't always have hours on end to spend on our bullet journals. I also tried to make sure there was enough space on each day to write down to-do lists, events and any other things you need to remember for that day. Especially for being a student having enough space to write down the tasks I need to do for that day as well as my classes and anything blogging related I wanted to do was essential.

double weekly spread with each page split into four. each quadrant is a new day with the final in the bottom right being a general to do list.
a green and purple themed bullet journal weekly spread. at the top of the first page is the month and days for the week (ie. 17-23). the rest of the two pages are split up into days with the divides going horizontal

Most of the designs are also on the minimalistic side, with few colours and additional decorative. Though it can be great to have loads of different washi tapes and pens that you can use, I wanted to make it so these were achievable even to the beginner of bullet journalists who might have no grown their collection of stationery items.

the month covers the top of the first page of the double spread. along the far left is a column for a to do list and on the far right is a column for things to do the next week. The middle of the double spread is spilt into two column and the 3 on the first half and 4 on the second half for boxes for each day

I actually had quite a bit of fun setting out these weekly spreads since it feels like forever since I used my bullet journal, but I hope you liked them. And I'd love to know if you used any of them.

Which of these is your favourite weekly spread?

- Sophie

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