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Around this time last year, I wrote a post checking in with all the resolutions I had made in the new year of 2019. Checking up whether I had completed any or if there were any I could work on in the second part of the year. So to get myself back into the blogging game, since I have taken such a long break, I thought I could write a similar kind of post but this time for the things that I had hoped 2020 would bring.

Mid-Year 2020 Hopes Check-In

I started 2020 off with many hopes and dreams of everything I had planned for this year. Alas if you've followed any of my journeys this year, either on here, Instagram or Twitter you'll know things didn't quite end up going to plan, as was the same for pretty much everyone worldwide. However, in the first couple of months of the year before Covid-19 hit, I was able to accomplish some of the things I hoped I would this year.

Travel! Though not quite as much as my bucket list had planned, I was able to make it to Seoul, South Korea even if it was only for a month. I might have not visited many of the tourist attractions in or outside of Seoul, but I was able to get a glimpse of the city which I had been planning to visit for years now. Despite this trip being cut short, my friends have already thrown up ideas of plans to go back one day, and at least I should be slightly less nervous the next time around with the experience I had this year now under my belt.

Growth! Mentally I hope I've gotten braver, and I'd like to say I have with the fact I made it onto the otherwise of the globe without my family or friends to hold my hands. Blogging wise I don't feel like I've had much growth yet, with taking such a long break I haven't spent much time with blogger open until the last few days, but there's still roughly half a year to go and that's half a year of growth just waiting to happen. And personal growth, I hope I'm becoming a better person today than I was yesterday, but I always see this one as hard to judge when you're right in the middle of it.

Adventure! Has definitely been ticked off even if it was a smaller amount than planned. However, even though the typical adventures one can have outside of the house aren't going to be many for the rest of the year, I think I'm ready to delve into ideas and plans that have been scattered around my head these past few years.

Friends! I hardly have seen my friends this year with all our paths drifting in different directions as you would expect on a placement or study abroad year, however with us, all finished and converging back to uni in Septemeber, fingers crossed, I'm happy to see all their faces again. Additionally, though I didn't get the chance to meet all the people I wanted to meet in South Korea, I was able to make some friends that I hope I'll be able to keep in contact with while we're oceans apart.

Happiness! Going to be real here, some days happiness is easier than other, and somedays I just don't feel it at all. But you know what that's totally fine. We're human after all and our emotions are like our own personal rollercoasters. However, I have found happiness many days in the form of anime again. Lockdown has really unleashed the anime fangirl that has been hiding for the last decade or so.

Self-love! As similar to happiness some days are better than others. I never said it would be a straight and smooth path. But every day, every minute and even every second that we give ourselves some love is better than none at all.

Looking back on these hopes, I'm glad they are broad and have little and lots of room for working towards them. Pat on the back for Sophie 6 months ago.

Have you been working towards any of these? Or what about the resolutions you set at the beginning of the year, have you been able to tick any of yours off?

- Sophie

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