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If you’ve had your blog for a while, it might be time for a rebrand. A redesign can give your blog a fresh, more modern feel and keep your readers engaged. Whether you run your blog as a hobby or a business, approach your rebrand like the professionals do.

Timing Is Key

Think about the response to the remakes of movies. Are people interested in it or insisting it’s too soon? When people are ready for a remake, a significant amount of time has usually passed since the original and technology has improved enough to make something different. Don’t just rebrand just because you can. Is it time? If your readers still love your current design, and it doesn’t feel outdated, then it might not be time yet to rebrand. Your audience needs space to outlive your current design if they’re going to accept a new one. When it is time, you can use to help you.

Stay True To The Original

You’ve announced a rebrand and you’re feeling excited about it. Your audience are interested to see it, and when you launch you new look, they’re not disappointed. If your new design is going to work well, you need to stay true to the original design. You want to improve on what you had, but keep your site recognizable and true to the feel of your brand voice. A rebrand should make sense to returning visitors.

Your audience already has things they like about your blog branding, and it’s important to remember that and keep your new look consistent with those positives.

Improve Your Brand Quality

Remember that your old design brought in readers thanks to its quality. A new design should keep that existing audience on board and bring in a new audience too. For this to work, your new branding needs to improve on the quality of what came before. All rebranding should be about improving, not just for the sake of a rebrand. If your new look lacks in quality, it won’t be popular.

Add Something New

A new design should be true to the spirit of your old blog branding but add new elements. Think of a video game releasing bonus levels or a DLC. New content is added to attract interest. You can add new elements to your brandings, like a new newsletter, or new plugins on your website, that add to the elements you already had that were working well for you.

A new blog design and rebranding can be a great way to refresh your blog. If your design is looking a bit out-dated and in need of something new, a rebrand is a good way to modernize. As technology improves, you can add new elements to your blog, like new plug-ins, responsive design templates, or bring in new ways to capture details like email addresses to your blog design. A new look can be a great change to build your business further.