I hope you are all staying safe and healthy inside your own houses!

Well, everyone, we've survived a quarter of the year so far, and though I bet we are all wondering how we made it, I thought this week I would try and bring some normality back on to my blog with a bullet journal set up.

To be honest it's not too much different from my March set up since at the moment everyone including myself is taking one day at the time. Therefore I haven't included any kind of calendar and just kept space for my daily to-do lists on my weekly spread.

I have however brought back my monthly goals! With this current lockdown situation, I'm finding I have a lot of free time despite still taking online classes, so I want to set myself some goals ranging from testing out my new camera lens to picking up a new hobby. Though I'm not going to push any pressure on myself to complete every single goal because let's be real some days I'll want to get out of bed at the break of dawn and other days I'll want to just stay in bed watching Disney movies all day. Both are completely A-okay days in my books.

So yeah not the longest post, but after the drama of last week of having to end my time in South Korea I'm taking this week post a little easy.

Asides from that, how are you all doing? If anyone needs to talk or just is feeling lonely my DMS and emails are always open!

- Sophie

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