Somehow, without evening knowing how, I've made it through twenty-one years of living in one piece.
My twenty-first year of life has definitely not been the most easier of years compared to the other twenty I've lived through, just take the last three months for example. However, in this last year, I feel like I've definitely grown far more than I have in any of the past years.

This time last year I was still in the second year of my Astrophysics degree, stressing not only about my deadlines and exams but also the adventure that I was about to part take in for my third year.

Planning and setting up my placement year wasn't the simplest of things, doing half work placement and half study abroad isn't something you really hear about much but I was going to let that stop me.

I found myself working as a research assistant for the first semester, and it was definitely a  learning curve I needed, for now, I now know a lot more about what I want from my future and it's definitely opened my eyes and paths to different opportunities.

For the second semester, and this past month, I've been on a study abroad in South Korea. Which you can find all in my study abroad updates here. Even if things haven't quite gone to plan to get halfway around the world by myself was such a huge milestone for me. And I'm super proud of myself for it!

Asides from all the things I've mentioned above I think the thing I've learnt most about in my twenty-first year of life is how to cope with loneliness, and how to function as a human being without someone holding my hand the whole way. Life might have chucked me straight into the deep end with this one, but I've come out of it definitely stronger than the Sophie I was a year ago.

I know that this next year is going to teach me so much more and I can't wait!

- Sophie

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