I really wasn't expecting to write another study update so soon but sometimes life just works out that way.

If you're new here and didn't know I've currently been in South Korea for study abroad for just over a month now. And if you follow any kind of news outlet or social media you'll know that COVID-19 has found its way to pretty much everywhere on the Earth. And with that many countries have been locking down and even closing their borders.

That brings us to last week where the UK government has issued travel advice, advising that all UK citizens who are currently travelling abroad to return as soon as possible.

With that my home university has requested that it's students abroad should return back home as soon as possible.

Since I was not up for risking staying on Korea and being stuck there in June and the fact that this whole situation and the isolation of online lectures and in general has been tough on my mental health, I've made the decision to fly back home three months earlier than expected.

As much as I had hoped my study abroad experience had been different the month I've been here has definitely left its memories. And I've met so many amazing people that it has all been worthwhile.

But for now, I'm just happy to be going home, I've been feeling pretty homesick, and I hope everyone else is staying safe.

With that being said are there any blog posts you'd like to see from me, to sum up my study abroad and work placement year?

- Sophie

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