When I was planning my study abroad blog posts before I flew out here I honestly thought by one month into my four-month stay I would have far more things to say that were actually interesting. But the reality this semester is nowhere near as much fun as I was expecting.

However I don't want to continue talking about how COVID-19 has messed up my study abroad plans, I spoke somewhat about those in my last study abroad update. So instead I thought I'd give you all a little photo diary instead.

I'm not really feeling up to writing loads at the moment, I'm in that slump with study abroad and I think feeling rather homesick, so I hope these pictures are okay for you all.

If you want to continue to see what I get up to if I ever pick myself up and leave my room, check out my Instagram at thats_sosophie. If I'm not posting on my grid then I'm definitely trying to post more on my stories.

Anyways how are you all doing though? I hope that throughout this all you are looking after your health both physical and mental. I know I definitely need to give some TLC to my mental health at the moment.

On one final point, if there any kinds of posts you'd like to see on here? Being in a dorm room is definitely stunting my creative juices, so any kind of idea would be great!

- Sophie

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