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I had been hoping that by this time into my study abroad program I would have far more to talk about, but with everything that is currently going on here in South Korea for the most part plans have been postponed or cancelled.

If you follow any kind of news at all you'll know about CORVID-19 and how it's numbers of cases has spiked in South Korea this past week. Though most cases are not close to where I am staying, it has definitely put people on the edges of their seats. And due to it for many exchange students, their plans have changed.

A lot of things have been cancelled, such as orientations and The Fact Music Awards that I had bought tickets to so I could see BTS once again, and even the start of term has been postponed for 2 weeks. That being said I do understand why the people in charge have made these changes, though it has put an unsuspected diversion into my study abroad plans.

It has also meant a lot of people (mainly the Americans) are going home super early since their universities and programmes are pulling them out. As of this moment, my university hasn't said anything, so for the meantime I shall be staying put here in South Korea, spending most of my time in my room watching Netflix.

Not that I can complain too much, the Korean Netflix has a lot of shows and movies I've been wanting to watch for ages that we don't have on it back in the UK.

But it sucks since the few friends I've made this past week are all heading home. Back to square one, it seems. However, at least the internet connection here is good so I can keep up to date with all my offline and online friends around the globe.

This is definitely a seriously short post, but I thought I would update you all on the situation here, and let you all know I am okay.

Despite all the negative and uncertainty that is going around I have had a chance to do a couple of things, such as stationery shopping, of which I had to hold myself back a lot, and going to a cat cafe. If you want to keep up to date on what I'm doing, I'm trying to post more in my Instagram stories at thats_sosophie if you want to give me a follow.

Fingers crossed this trip ends well, but for now, I shall let my home and away universities decide how this semester shall turn out.

- Sophie

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