march is written in cursive font in the centre of the page, with triangles of different pink prints surrounding it

Being it the third month of the year already I thought I would have done and achieved a lot more, alas the only thing I've seemed to do so far is spending far more time on my bullet journal. Not my fault entirely, the semester for me doesn't start until March 16th anyway.

I tried to get a bit more creative on my title page for March, which I think is also the same time my creatively pulled back up last year for my March 2019 bullet journal spread. However, I kept the pages to a minimum since I don't actually have much planned for this month until possibly the day before it happens so pages such as the calendar spreads I've done in past bullet journal setups just wouldn't get the use.

Instead, I spent my time setting up spending and habit trackers which I feel I will need more with no routine before classes start and being in South Korea. Though so far most of my spendings has been on food. But you can't blame me South Korea does food well. If you want to keep up to date with everything I'm doing I'm trying to post more on my Instagram stories.

However, this month compare to January and February I've actually included setting up a weekly spread.

I need to find some routine, or at least get my head back into not watching Netflix all day, before classes start. I haven't actually studied in a classroom setting since around last May/June when I finished second year, so I'm feeling a little rusty. Therefore I'm hoping this set up will work out.

Not the most worded post again for you all, but I hope you enjoyed looking at my bullet journal set up for this month.

If you've got your own bullet journal either blog posts or Instagrams send them my way. I'm trying to get back into my studygram account because I really do need that motivation.

- Sophie

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