Somehow, without evening knowing how, I've made it through twenty-one years of living in one piece.

Study Abroad Update #2 | One Month Update

When I was planning my study abroad blog posts before I flew out here I honestly thought by one month into my four-month stay I would have far more things to say that were actually interesting. But the reality this semester is nowhere near as much fun as I was expecting.

March 2020 Bullet Journal Set-Up

march is written in cursive font in the centre of the page, with triangles of different pink prints surrounding it

Being it the third month of the year already I thought I would have done and achieved a lot more, alas the only thing I've seemed to do so far is spending far more time on my bullet journal. Not my fault entirely, the semester for me doesn't start until March 16th anyway.

This is How To Deal With Productivity Issues!

Photo: Pixabay
*Contributed Post*

Ever found yourself cleaning your room furiously when you have an essay due in? Well, this is what is known as procrastination, or to put it another way, you have an issue with productivity. Don't let this information send you in a tailspin, though, as there are lots of things you can do to make sure you stay as productive as possible. Read on to find out what they are.

Study Abroad Update #1 | One Week In

A sign post showing this distances to major cities around the world

I had been hoping that by this time into my study abroad program I would have far more to talk about, but with everything that is currently going on here in South Korea for the most part plans have been postponed or cancelled.