Being a university student and living away from home for almost three quarters of the year, one thing you have to pick up rather quickly if you don't know how to already is how to cook for yourself. However, after nearly three years of living off my own cooking, the same meals can become rather boring.

So for today's post, I'm going to share one of my quick, easy and cheap recipes that I've tried to make somewhat less bland while still not taking up hours of the day that should really be used for studying.


Since going vegetarian one of the foods that have become a staple in my meals is tofu. However, tofu is one of those foods you definitely need to add seasoning too to make it tasty. That's why for this meal I added a BBQ seasoning to the tofu when I was preparing it. Adding flavourings to your food as you prepare them is one of the easy ways to mix up your meals as a student while also keeping your bank account happy.

I might not be the next top chef but at least my meals feel and taste like they are different each day.

So as for the ingredients, I used:

  • Tofu
  • BBQ Seasoning
  • Oil
  • Plain Flour
  • Lettuce, Tomatoes, Cucumber, etc (pretty much any salad you like or have in the fridge)
  • Salt & Pepper

There isn’t much to the method, but this is what I did:

  1. Taking a portion size of tofu dried in slightly with a paper towel and sliced it into bite-size pieces or 1-inch pieces.
  2. In a bowl mix the tofu with some oil so its lightly covered, some plain flour and as much seasoning as if your preference. That is then left to fry in a frying pan for between 5 to 10 minutes based on how crispy you want it. You could also bake it for 20 minutes on Fan180 if you prefer your tofu to be on the more chewy side.
  3. While keeping an eye on the frying tofu prepare your salad.  I just used whatever we normally have in the fridge. That salad I then seasoned with salt and pepper, however, if you do like sauce on your salad this is when I would recommend to put them on.
  4. Once the tofu has done frying add that to your salad.
  5. EXTRA. Crumble some croutons over the top to add some more crunch to your salad.
  6. Eat and Enjoy!

For someone who likes to measure foods like pasta and rice out, I haven’t really got any measurements for this meal since I mainly eyeball it. But I find people prefer different amounts of seasoning on their food anyway so I hope that's okay.

I'm branching out with this kind of blog post, but do let me know if you would like this to be a series on here?

What are your favourite student meals?

- Sophie

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Schwartz has sent me this BBQ seasoning for review, but all views are my own