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As a young adult, one of the biggest battles we have is with money. Nobody teaches us how to manage it. Our parents might have given us a little bit of advice, or perhaps moaned, to put some of our paychecks into savings. But as a young adult, there’s nothing we want more than the freedom to spend our own money. So it leads to some bad mistakes during the teenage and early 20 years. But then we start to realise what the real world is about. We outgrow our own homes and are driven to save money to move out. Some of you will have saved that little bit longer in order to have a mortgage, some of you will have rented. Whatever route that’s taken, we all end up at the same junction. The junction where money is hard to control, and often unmanageable. When you get yourself into certain financial situations, it can be so hard to get out of them. So, we’re going to explore why it’s so hard to manage money, and hopefully give you some tips on how you can manage it!

The Mistakes We Make

You're either the type of person who is really good with money, or you’ve made a few mistakes along the way. With no one to truly watch every single move you’re making with money, it’s easy to fall into a few traps. The biggest trap is credit cards. As a young adult, a credit card can be abused. Some people get them in order to bring their credit score up. Other use it to shop until they drop, and then forget about it until the minimum payments start growing. Always make sure you’re paying off more than the minimum amount. The interest they add usually means that you’re actually not paying anything off at all a month. It’s also hard to manage because the cost of living is now so high. Bills, food shopping, and being able to have a social life just costs so much. So there’s also those factors going against young adults.

Making Money More Manageable

To make your money more manageable, you need to look at some of the reasons why you’re struggling with money. Often it’s young homeowners that are suffering the most. So much so that living on your own becomes less appealing by the day. Evolution Money's homeowner loans are one option you might want to consider. It gives you an avenue to borrow money suitably to get you through a hard time, such as this time of the Year. Your December pay might have had to last you a week or so longer than usual.  A small loan can help to cover the additional costs of living!

Making Smarter Money Moves

Finally, you need to make sure that you’re making smarter money moves. Try and invest your money to see what you can get back out of it. Small investments such as Forex or bitcoin are proving really popular at the minute.