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It has taken me quite a while and a couple of re-writes to finally get to this post, but I'm finally happy with what I'm posting.

I started off writing 20 things I wanted to do in 2020, however, a lot of those felt like they were forced to make it up to 20 and I'm also in the mind frame of that if I share what I want to achieve before I've achieved I might just jink it into not happening.

Then I thought about writing a post about not wanting to post my goals, but I also didn't want to not write anything about what I hope the future holds, because I also like to be positive and aim high and I like taking you all along the journey with me.

So instead I've decided to write a very brief wish on what I hope 2020 will bring into my life.


Travel! As little travel I have done in the past, I've always had this urge to travel. To see different lives from the one I'm currently living. And though I know some is already on its way towards me, I hope 2020 can give me the chance to explore more than I have the last nearly 21 years of my life.

Growth! Mentally with the bravery, I hope the gain. Blogging wise because as much as numbers don't matter I love seeing how my effort shows in different forms. And personal growth, because I wish the be a better human tomorrow than I was today.

Adventure! Because adventure isn't just travel. I want to start living outside the academic bubble I've been inside for the whole of my life currently. There's so much to see and do. And I want to do it all!

Friends! I love my friends and they will always be there. However, I want to meet new people and learn new things. Nearly 8 billion people in the world, that's a lot of stories to learn about.

Happiness! Because in a world like it is today and smile can make someone's day.

Self-love! I've learnt a lot about self-love in 2019 and hope to implement it more in 2020. Because at the end of the day, no one can love you quite like you love yourself.

I think that gives a good enough summary of those 20 goals that I wrote down in the first draft for this post. Those 20 goals will be going in my bullet journal, that I still need to set up. But hopefully, as I tick them off you all will be able to find out and see them too.

What do you hope this year will bring into your life?

- Sophie

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