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Nearly a complete year since I sent off the first pieces of my application for study abroad has come around and in roughly a months time the adventure really begins!

Since my work placement finished back in December I’ve had quite the time frame of doing nothing besides sort out things for my study abroad placement. And though I’ve been trying to keep myself busy, my brain has had the time to wander to the far depths of my thoughts and everything little nerve and excitement I’ve been trying to not overwhelm myself with.

So here I am with


It pretty obvious I’m going to be both excited and nervous, and honestly, that has been my response to anyone who has asked me how I’m feeling about going abroad. How can I really feel anything else?

On one hand, I’m finally doing the travelling I want and getting to see another part of the world that I have wanted to visit for so long. All while expecting a culture that is probably far different from the one I used to alongside study subjects that interest me so much.

On the other hand, I’m absolutely terrified! The furthest I’ve ever travelled by myself and not as a school group was to Wales for a physics conference for students, so thinking about being pretty much on the opposite side of the planet without any of my family or friends close by makes my chest feel a little tight.

For the most part, I rationalise with my brain that on the majority everyone else is feeling exactly the same. It’s a nervous stage in our lives and as much as we really want to do it there is always the unknown aspect that puts us all on edge.

However with my flight being about one month away, I can safely say that I’ve pretty much sorted out everything important that needs to be done, so at least I can breathe a little on that front.

I’m not sure it’s really going to kick in that I’m going to be spending four months in a different country in a different continent in a completely different time zone where the main language is not the one I’m used to; well at least it won't until either I’m packed or standing in the airport. But I’ll get there, even if it is the fact I’ve spent money on this that fuels me through the nerves that tell me to back down.

On another note, are there any posts you would like to see from me in South Korea. Study ones or travel ones. What would you like to see and learn from over there?

- Sophie

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