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With it coming to the end another decade, and it being that time of the year to reflect on everything, good and bad. I thought it would a nice idea to write down and keep a log of everything these past ten years that I've achieved.

I'd love to know what you've accomplished in this same time frame, so leave a comment.


Completed junior school
Completed secondary school
And achieved some pretty amazing GCSEs
Completed college
And achieved some just okay A-levels
But also learnt to take care of my mental health a lot more
Got into university to study astrophysics
And made it through the first 2 years of that
Made friends
And lost some as well
But ultimately met my two best friends who now can't get rid of me
Started a blog
Learnt how to use social media as a tool
Made some awesome internet friends
And even met them in person too
Applied to jobs
And missed out on all but one
Completed my work placement
And officially got into a South Korean sky university for study abroad
Started learning the same language multiple times
Understand some basic conversion in that language
Was scared
And unsure
But was also brave
And happy
Lived away from home for months at a time
But still, FaceTimed my mum every day
Travelled to a different country by myself
And attended a physics conference in that same country as well
Discovered anime
And then kpop
Feel in love with a boy group
And saw them on stage at the o2
Wrote many stories
But never really finished then
Read so many books I could fill a library
And gave up on some because they just weren't my jam
And tried to help run societies
Climbed a mountain
And missed out on swimming in a sea pool (thanks period)
Sat around watching tv by myself for too many hours
But also sat for hours watching tv with my family for many hours too
Learnt who was going to be there
And that mothers do actually know best
Competed in cricket
Competed in baton twirling
Performed in a school musical
And watched some as well
Did much more than I have mentioned
And didn't do as much as I wished

I really hope you all read that how I read it with a little jump to the words. But nonetheless, it's fun to try and remember everything I've done in the last 10 years because honestly most of the time I barely remember what I did yesterday.

What's your number one memory from the last decade? Be it small or be it big what memory stands out the most to you?

I wish you all the best holiday season!

- Sophie

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