A Decade Of Reflection

image is of a blue door on a white building, located in York Yorkshire UK

With it coming to the end another decade, and it being that time of the year to reflect on everything, good and bad. I thought it would a nice idea to write down and keep a log of everything these past ten years that I've achieved.

I'd love to know what you've accomplished in this same time frame, so leave a comment.

Reflecting On The Hopes Of 2019

a flatlay of the opened title page of a bullet journal for the year, surrounded by fairy lights on a soft white blanket. 2019 is written out in words in black with a purple shadow with a planet drawn in the top right corner.

At the beginning of this year instead of writing a list of goals or resolutions, I wrote a list of hopes. In the hopes, it would bring less pressure to have actually completed them by the end of the year. But with 2019 closing it's doors pretty soon I think it's about time I look back on those hopes to see which I've achieved and which are still hopes for myself to tick off whenever they seem to fit into my life.