outfits based around items that have been thrifted

It's probably closer to the end of the autumn season that the beginning but better late than never as I always say.

After #secondhandseptember in September I've been trying my hardest to not only wear a lot more of the clothes I already own that have been lost in the back of my wardrobe for who even knows how long but also to only buy from thrift shops unless it's an emergency or I'm completely in love with an item that will become a staple in my weekly outfit rotations.

With that in mind, I thought it would be fun this week to try that fashion blogging thing out again and create a few outfits starring the pieces I picked out from the day spent in Cambridge at the vintage kilo sale and around the charity shops there. Excuse the awkward posing it's been a while since I've been the person in front of the camera.

Outfit Number One

I've been on the lookout for a dungaree dress for years, one that fits well and one that doesn't break my bank account. I was lucky enough to find this in one of the charity shops in Cambridge and brand new as well. The treasures you find sometimes are marvellous. I kept this first look simple by pairing a simple black short sleeve t-shirt under it.

Outfit Number Two

Two looks one dress, can't go wrong with that. This one is a little more suited to English Autumns than the first though. Honestly all these outfits could be layered with a jacket and a good pair of black boots for when going outside, but I chose a day to take photos when it ended up chucking it down with rain so ended up having an inside photoshoot, therefore, I couldn't do the full outfits since we're not allowed to wear shoes on the carpet at home. But anyway this post is more focused on the fact that the outfits are based around thrifted items so it's all okay. For this look, I paired the dress with a black cropped jumper, with NASA written on it because we love anything space related here, which left the dress to look more like a skirt. I love getting multiple uses out of one piece of clothing and this does just that.

Outfit Number Three

This third look is turning into one of my favourites. Despite the number of times that I wear dresses for blog photos, it's still taking me time to actually wear them out and about. I'm not sure when I grew so self-conscious of wearing dresses but I think over time I've put my self into a box of one style I wear and I'm finally breaking down the walls. Anyway, this dress was my only find at the Cambridge Vintage Kilo Sale, and I have to say it's a pretty great find. Not the most autumny dress out there, but adding the jumper from look number two makes it a little more suited to the colder months. I think in spring it might look cute also with a white jumper instead of black so we can look forward to that.

Anyway, that's three different outfits using items I've picked up while out thrifting. I'm still trying to get more into this thrifting thing, and though sometimes the charity shops are extremely overwhelming, I don't overly enjoy shopping even in a well-organised store, I'm glad I'm finding some pieces that I feel are more me than anything from any high street store.

Do you go thrift shopping often? Where are your favourite places to find unique and amazing items of clothing?

- Sophie

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