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Every year Christmas comes around. And every year I try not to let the stress of having absolutely no clue what to gift everyone gets to me. There is the stress of getting them something they will love and actually use and the stress of trying to also fit it around my views and ethicals on sustainability. Therefore this has led me to this post.

After doing some much-needed hunting and scrolling through the internet and trusty old Twitter I hope I've gathers some gift ideas that would be suitable for anyone who is trying to be more environmentally conscious this Christmas.


A good starting point for any kind of gift is to focus on what that other person might actually need. For example, as a student, I can tell you that even socks are an item that is much appreciated. From there you can look for versions of those products from ethical, sustainable and/or vegan brands.

I like to use Christmas, and any other celebration really, as an excuse to splurge on those things that otherwise you or your close ones might not have bought. Meaning that those items from sustainable brands might be more in your budget than any other time,

Anyway I've come up with a small list of ideas that hopefully will inspire you when trying to pick out gifts this Christmas,


  • Pamper your close humans with treats from such places as The BodyShop or Lush. I always find these products slightly more on the pricey side to buy them all year round especially on a student budget, but being it the season of giving I like how I can treat my friends and family to things they hopefully will actually use as well as without the plastic packaging or at least packaging you can trade-in.
  • Anything that could make student life easier is always a happy surprise when it comes to gifts, be it a cake mix to make on days where assignments have got you down to laptop stands such as ili Laptop Stand. Honestly as well if you get stuck on what to get a student for Christmas to think of items they might be able to use, I got scales on year and now I can measure out my food so no more wasting pasta.
  • A typical sustainable gift idea is clothes. I actually want to do a whole post on sustainable brands furthering on from this one I did a couple months ago. But nonetheless, if you know someone has been eyeing up something that is more on the pricey side as many ethical and sustainable brands rightly are, even if its a joint present I'm sure they'll be entirely grateful.
  • And there is always food! Set them up with a starting kit from places such as The Refill Pantry, even if you make it up yourself. Jumping into the world of plastic-free can be daunting and not the cheapest so giving them a starting hand is a great idea for a gift. You could even make it out as more of a hamper kind of thing, so add some personal touches.
  • Classes are also an idea. There are such places out there as Cookery School which focus on sustainable learning while learning to cook. You could even make it into a day out together because especially at Christmas it is a time for getting together with your loved ones and enjoying each others company. Mind you make sure you book a class that you'll know they'll enjoy.
  • My last idea is to focus on small businesses. Christmas can be a time to make or break those people trying to get their businesses off their feet so why not use your gift to help out more than one person. Brands like Wrap All About It not only make beautiful items but you buying them will help them and their families out at this time of the year as well. I've also got a code for you all for Wrap All About It HERE if you chose to spread the Christmas cheer.

As you can tell by my rather short list that coming up with gift ideas is still something I'm working on, but hopefully, if you've been a little stuck this year you've gained some kind of inspiration for gifts that are more sustainable this year.

What other sustainable gifts ideas can you think of? I'd love to be able to add to this list.

- Sophie

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