How to schedule your blog post promo pins to

Following on from my last blog post on How To Increase Your Page Views Using Pinterest it seems like a good time to go into further details on how you can schedule your promotional pins to go out at any time of the day.

To do this I use Tailwind. Much like Tweetdeck for twitter and planoly for Instagram, Tailwind is a site on which you can plan and schedule any pins that you wish to be uploaded to Pinterest throughout the day. So


Make Pins

Before you're even going to be able to start pinning you're going to need some pins. As I mentioned in my last post 5 to 10 pins for each post means you have a good variety to work with. Before I know people say brand your pins so people know they are yours but I've been finding since I don't have one set up for my photos that they don't always look good or work with the same pin template. These means I change my pin design for each post. This might not be the most effective way to boost my audience through Pinterest but it's working out okay for me so far.


Okay, so you've got your pins. What next? Well, it's time to head on over to tailwind. I've mentioned tailwind briefly in my last post but this is the site that I use to schedule all my pins. On tailwind, you'll be able to find an area on the side panel where you can draft up and schedule your pins. This is where the magic all happens.

Upload Your Pins

You'll want to start by uploading all your pins. I tend to just upload all my pins for my most recent post that I'm working on to the drafts area and then work on them there.


The description for each pin is a key part of gaining more audience from it. You can use this area to give a snippet of the blog post or even just have a brief description of what it is about. Whatever you chose, make sure it works for you. Experiment over time will give you the best final result.


Did you know you can also add hashtags to your pins similar to on Instagram and Twitter? I too didn't realise this until recently but the hashtags in the description of your pins will help it reach a wider audience. Like Instagram and Twitter, I'm still trying to find some tags that work well for my pins, but so far those I've included in my pins seem to have helped improve the impressions on each pin.

Link It

Make sure you don't miss this since it's at the bottom of each pin draft but you can add in the specific URL for each pins blog post.

Add It To A Tribe

As I briefly mentioned in my post about improving page views using Pinterest tailwind tribes are a great way to get your pins seen by more people. While your scheduling your pins don't forget to add them to the tribes you are a part of.

Schedule Your Pins

And then you are all ready to schedule your pins!

Rearrange The Schedule

Once you've scheduled your pins they go into a calendar area on the right-side panel on the screen. In here you can actually drag and drop your pins to go out on specific date and times. I like this since then I don't have everything going out on the same day and it feels less like spam. Here there are also the pins you have pinned from other members of the tribes you are a part of. So you can intermingle yours and other peoples pins to make your feed feel less robotic

And with that, your pins are all set to go!

Pinterest as a whole is something I'm still experimenting with and working out what works best for me, but I hope at least one person finds this post helpful at some point too on their Pinterest journey.

Do you schedule pins to Pinterest?

- Sophie

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