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I've typically stayed away from writing how-to posts since I've always believed as I'm not a master of anything and that there is probably always someone who is more experienced and well versed in a subject than me. Probably a bit of imposter syndrome there. But since all the time I've had this blog, which is around 5 years now, I've been a student, writing a post about how to blog while also being a student seems like something I could give advice on.

So if you have a blog or are thinking of starting one while still studying, be that school, college or university, here you go


Set time each week

Be it simply one hour or one whole day, set out time in your schedule each week to work on your blog. And that doesn't mean you have to bang out a post in one day, you could do different things each day. Maybe write the first draft one day. Proofread it another. Take photos a different day. And edit those in the times you have free. Just make sure you prioritise your studying when it comes to crunch time, and possibly use a bullet journal to help you organise everything that you want to stay on top of.

Stock photos

You most likely won't have massive amounts of time each week to go out and take photos, so use some time in your breaks or holidays to take photos. Just generic ones that could be used for any post but still match who you are and how your blog is portrayed. Like the ones, I've used for my Mid-Week Ramble series posts one and two. This will save you on weeks that the lighting isn't great when you have your booked in blogging time.

Plan content

Even if it's just ideas. Keep those ideas that you've had randomly in the shower or walking between lectures in a book so when uni drains you of creative power then you have something to refer back to. The best ideas I've found come from conversations with friends that sparks that blogging flame. Even writing the ideas down on a notes app on your phone is great. I'm also now using an excel sheet to plan each month content before the month so I can keep on top of it. Hopefully, this means I'll be able to at least have my Sunday post out each week. But I'll keep you updated on how well that goes.

Don't stress if you miss a week

There are many reasons we might not be up to blogging. Lots of assignment deadlines, exam stress or just not a great mental health state. And having to think about content to upload is just another layer you might not want to deal with. So miss a week. We're all still going to be here when you get back. And we'll be ready to read whatever you post when you're more up to it. Look after yourself first!

Keep it simple

Set up your blog on host sites that are easy to use, such as Blogger or WordPress. Ones that have templates that you can use for free, before splurging on templates and domains that in the end will add up to eat out of your student loan. However, if you do want to start making a business out of it things like a more professional looking blog and domain name will definitely help you in the long run. But I don't recommend this from the get-go since you want to be positive that you can actually keep a blog going. I didn't spend money on my blog until last year and I've had it running since 2014. The basis of a good blog is good writing and photos, well at least for me it is, so you'll be able to grow an audience around those first of all. Everything else is just the cherry on the top.

Blog about something you love

Of course this is a kind of a no brainer, but I think some times people forget about it; definitely when there are websites and people advertising blogging as a way to make easy money while being a student. I’ve been blogging for five years and only have been paid once for a sponsored post and then only a few gifted campaigns. It’s not easy. But if you blog as a hobby about something you love then your blog will become a place you reach to when studies are stressing you out.

Write about something other than what you study

This won't apply to everyone, but I like the fact that my blog is nearly completely different from what I study. You don’t hear me talking in great details about astrophysics, but I think that is what makes it fun. It means I can talk and gush over other things that I enjoy and feel passionate about in life other than what I've chosen to study. Such as sustainable fashion and cruelty-free makeup. What you study shouldn’t be all that makes up you.


The worldwide web, as well as university, can be a lonely place. But that being said there are so many of us out there you just have to put in the effort to find us. Places like Twitter and Instagram have many student bloggers which will one make the journey of creating a blog a lot more fun but will also help you grow. As any blogger can tell you, the only way to grow your blog is to connect.

Even with the fact that our lives are 24/7 studying for our classes, I know many people who have been able to keep a blog afloat and grow it massively while still being a student. So it is still possible.

Are you a student with a blog or know of any other student bloggers? I'd love to connect with some more if you want to leave their links below.

- Sophie

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