It's that time of the year again. All of you who have just received your A-levels, which I hope went well and anyone else for that matter who are off to university in September are collecting everything you need for your new adventure.

Last year as a part of my back to university series I wrote a post, which you can find here, about the items that you might have forgotten to add to your checklist. So to start this year's back to university/school series I thought it would be a good chance to make a part two to that list because even after two years I'm still finding the usefulness of items I didn't have me when I first moved in.

Oven gloves

Though I’ve seen this on a couple of online university checklists, the amount of people I’ve seen with actual oven gloves at uni is barely a fair few. For the most part, I think people use their tea towels as oven gloves, but since definitely at the beginning of university oven food is the easiest and least stressful things to cook for dinner so having oven gloves that are actually made to protect your hands doesn’t seem like such a bad idea right? Plus some tea towels can be really thin especially if you’ve just bought cheap ones for uni, perfect for drying up not great for taking hot things out the oven.

Waste paper bin

Despite most university rooms providing you with a bin, there is normally only one. If anyone is like me then you’ll probably want to be able to recycle while at uni, so having an extra bin means you can sperate your waste more easily, which makes it a lot more convenient when taking the trash out the big dumpster bins outside.

Toiletry bag or shower caddy

Aiming this one at those of you who have to share a bathroom, if you don’t feel comfortable leaving all your toiletries and skincare stuff in the bathroom you’re going to have to carry it in with you each time. To make this easier on yourself having a shower caddy or maybe a spare tote bag can be super helpful. Means you won't have to walk to and fro from the bathroom just to get ready in the mornings and evenings.


I bought myself two plants during second year, and now I just want to buy more and more; have my own little plant family. University rooms can be very plain and lifeless, and since your not meant to stick things up on the walls having plants can bring back some of that life and homeliness back into the room.

Tip also, look out for any plant sales during freshers week, that’s where I picked up my little cactus Pickle, but they have loads of plants for you to buy.


Okay, hear me out. Maybe don’t go out and buy any before uni, but keep some in mind either new or even old ones your parents have lying around the house. Since, well at least at my university, during freshers week they have a poster sale. Sounds a bit silly considering we’re not allowed to put things up on the walls, but if you have those frames on stand by you can place the posters in there and then lean the frames up in your room on a shelf or something.

So that's another five for another year. I do hope someone finds this helpful!

Are there any other items that you have found useful while at university that you didn't take with you at first?

Also, are there any other back to school/university posts that you would like to see from me this year?

- Sophie

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