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One of the reasons I wanted to start this series was to bring to the front stage and to discuss news articles that I had come across and read recently, since plenty of the time they are related to important topics that many of us feel strongly about.

So when I read this BBC article about plastic particles falling out of the sky I knew this would be something I would write about.

If you've been following me the last year you'll know about the move I'm trying to make to go plastic-free with my Plastic Alternatives Wishlist, therefore when just reading the title to this I had a bit of a shock.

I've known that they've found plastics, microplastics, as far as places like the Artic from documentaries such as Drowning In Plastic. And I've also known there is plastic as well as a multitude of other products that take aeons to biodegrade scattered in our atmosphere due to even the simplest of things as our clothes shredding day to day as well go about our lives. But to think about it precipitating down on us leaves us where?

The main form of precipitation that the article talks about is snow, I guess one of the easiest water forms to collect and all of it that is situated in the Arctic. This is not really a new discovery since microplastics have been found that far north before, believed to have been washed ashore as the plastic we dump into the water supplies breaks down and gets washed in that direction due to ocean currents. However, the sheer amount in the snow is shocking, with more than 10,000 particles per litre being found.

Microplastics are being defined as less than 5mm in size. So the length of all those found per litre would be 50 meters in length.

Just let that sink in for a moment.

That’s the amount of plastic found in one litre of snow in the artic according to the BBC article.

And there are still people out there who are ignoring the growing problem.

They should really take notice since soon is going to affect us more and more.

If saving the planet doesn't boost them into an active stance maybe the fact that these plastics in the air are going to be a part of the volume of air that we inhale every day. And scientists are still not certain how all that plastic is really affecting us. Though I definitely don’t want to be a guinea pig to find out how.

Though microplastics being found in the artic is a real realisation that we have affected the whole world from just throwing something away in our home kitchen bin. We need to remember that if it has reached somewhere that far then how bad is it on our own doorstep. If I remember rightly in the War on Plastic documentary they were measuring the plastic in peoples' own bedrooms, and to the owners' amazement and shock, there was a considerable amount of plastic. Though it won’t be all plastic, but also synthetic fibres (like those our clothes are made of), polish, paint and even some of the rubber of tyres, the fact the air is not clean should make us stop and think if how we are living and treating our planet is the right way to do it.

Just because it is what is done, does not mean it is what is right.

For me, with more scientific evidence my views of cutting down on plastic more and more are solidified. Though a transition isn’t easy with the fact supermarkets etc don’t yet accommodate to those of us who want to live more sustainably, and that it can be very elitist [but that’s a post for another day though], I believe a small change is better than no change.

And who knows any single one of us could be the person to push the balance over to a worldwide movement to actually be more sustainable.

Have you seen this article yet? What are your views to cutting down the plastic we use and maybe even going plastic-free? Should we be doing something right now? And who do you think need to make the next big move?

- Sophie

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