It's crazy to think now we are pretty much halfway through 2019 and half a year away from 2020!

With that in mind, I thought it would be a good idea to look back on the goals I made back at the beginning of January and to see how many I've completed or how far I am away from reaching the end of those goals. The latter is probably more likely to be the case. But it's okay we still have another 182 days to go to tick them all off.

If you want to check out the goals I set for 2019 you can find them here.

For the most part, I've started on all my goals!

I've spent a lot more time this year focusing on my health, both body and mind. Though I have to admit I've probably spent more time on my mental health than my physical health. For physical health, though I can tick the boxes off for eating and sleeping well, I still fall short on the exercising front. I've not yet found a routine that works for me, and sometimes I just forgot to exercise since I was focusing on studying for assignments, tests and exams. But I'm learning to take everything as a learning curve - courtesy of focusing on my mental health - so I'm not stressing about not having my fitness up to the level I want yet. I'm not going to a quick fix so I know it's not going to be a short journey. But still, if you exercise, do you follow a routine? I'm especially looking for a none-gym one.

I also wrote about how I wanted to continue to work on improving my skin. My skin and I have our ups and downs but we are slowly getting there. I think going vegetarian might have actually helped my skin somewhat, but the stress eating of chocolate during exams definitely didn't help. However, it's now looking on the mends. I think the next steps to getting my skin to a level where I'm comfortable to leave the house without foundation is to work on the redness, not sure how to do that, but there's nothing a little research can't solve.

It's become a thing recently that I've been posting about sustainable and ethical fashion. And I guess that shows I'm moving forward with my goal to try and shop more sustainable and ethical. So I won't talk too much about that here since I've gone on about it in my last few posts, but if you want to check them out you can find them here and here.

Going plastic-free! Yep, this one is going forward nicely. Every time I run out of something like shampoo I'm now looking to buy plastic-free alternatives. Though for some items it might take longer to change since it takes a while to use up the product. I think the main struggle is the fact supermarkets don't really stock many plastic-free alternatives for their food, but that's a whole another post entirely.

The last two are blog related goals.

I'm proud to say I'm enjoying producing the content I'm putting out at the moment. Though my numbers have taken a dip as I took a break during exams, I'm slowly improving them and hoping that all of you who read my posts stick around since you like the content I'm producing as much as I enjoy making it.

The other thing was brand/sponsored posts. Though I haven't worked with as many brands this year as I did last year, I'm happy I did my first sponsored post back in February. Sometimes I feel like I'm falling behind on this side of blogging since I've been here for nearly 5 years and I still feel small against some who have been blogging for 1, but in the end, I'm happy at how I'm growing and improving. My spirit animal is not a sloth for nothing.

Anyway, that's the mid-way check-in point!

I've still got a lot of ways to go to reach my goals, but every step is a step no matter how big or how small.

How are your new year resolutions coming along?

- Sophie

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