So I've had this idea written down for nearly over a year now, and I guess I've just been putting it off for the most part due to a fear of upsetting someone. But a while back I had a conversation with the lovely Fran from Francisca Rockey and she brought it to the forefront of my mind that I can't live life fearing of disagreeing with someone over my own opinions.

So that brings us to this train of thought.

This is a series I've wanted to start for a while. I want to post every now and again on Wednesday, a post just talking about interesting topics, ranging from what's in the news to more taboo ones.

So far, recently, what's been holding me back is the lack of idea of what to write. Or maybe it's the fact that there is so much to write about that I have no idea where to start.

Instead, I'm here with today's post.

A post to get everything starts.

An introduction I guess you could call it.

As well as a post where I can ask you, what you would like me to discuss?

Of course, since I want to make it into a discussion, I want to hear your opinions about the stuff I plan to write about, as well as your input.

There's so much that goes on in the world today. And lots that don't get spoken about.

Some of my favourites have started podcasts with similar sort of things. But I'm less good at speaking. And better at writing. So finally with fingers on keys, I'm typing up this idea out of the notebook it's sat in for the last year and a half.

So yeah, this is an idea of a series. Is it something you would be interested in? Also what topics should I start off writing about?

- Sophie

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