the image is taken at bodnant gardens. Through a boarder of trees the stone building stands.

A couple years ago I wrote two blog posts containing my list of places I wish to go - you can find them here and here -  but honestly I haven't really visited many of those places yet; mainly due to the lack of time and money to enjoy my time whenever/ if ever I went to the places I had written down.

However, it is still a goal of mine to see more of the world than just the town I grew up in and the one I went to university in. Therefore, I thought what better place to start than those places right on my doorstep.

York, Yorkshire

When I go travelling, my favourite things to do is seek out places with an interesting history and interesting buildings and places to take photos of. For that York fits the bill pretty well.

Edinburgh, Scotland

On one of my worldwide travel bucket lists, I wrote down Scotland. Till today it is still a place I wish to visit. Narrowing it down to one specific place Edinburgh would be the first place I would start with if I ever got to go to Scotland.

Bath, Somerset

It's definitely a running trend with places on my bucket list and the history and architect of a place. Honestly, it's not too difficult to find places I want to go to the UK since the history here is vast. I just need to pick up the courage and stop letting my anxiety telling me everything that could go wrong. Despite that Bath is up there in the top places I want to go. I especially want to see the Roman Baths. I love anything ancient Roman or Greek so it's definitely something to visit on the bucket list.

Exmoor, Somerset

One of the things that I wish I could do more was stargazing, but due to British weather - she says as it is currently chucking it down outside - it's not also feasible. Even with telescopes at uni we rarely get a clear night and many times I am thankful for them being automated so I can sit in my uni room and still get images for my assignments. However, if I ever got to go stargazing I would choose to go to Exmoor. Being one of the darkest places in the UK it's a pretty perfect place to look up at the sky. Plus I also still want to try out astrophotography and streetlamps are not your friend if you want to actually take photos of the stars.

Cambridge, Cambridgeshire

It's funny how Cambridge is so close yet I've never been. Another one of those architecture places that I want to go too. Plus I want to go to the cute cafes here. My friends and I were planning to go here after exams but the plans fell through and we never went. Girls if you're reading this I still want to have our day trip at some point!

Oxford, Oxfordshire

I'm getting to the point where I'm not sure what to write since my reasoning for most places is the same. Architecture. History. Give me those and I'll be a happy human.

So that's the top few places I wish to visit in the UK!

Have you visited any of these places before? Where else in the UK to you wish to visit?

- Sophie

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