A June title page. June if written in cursive inside a circle of blue small bubbles and two pink roses. Underneath it is written the Mulan quote "A flower that blooms in adversity is the most rare and beautiful of all".

It's been a while since I last uploaded a bullet journal post. My last one was back in February, which feels so long ago now.

This June also marks the one year mark for my bullet journal. I've definitely come a long way with the set up since then. I really didn't have any idea how to set out everything I wanted to keep track of and had no clue what I even wanted to include. If you still want to see my first few pages of my bullet journal you can see it here.

Anyway, back to the present date and the spreads for this month.

I've definitely found over the last year I've been trying to be more artistic with my pages. So maybe during the busy exam and deadline seasons, the pages become more rushed but since I've found setups that work and look nice during those times it works. - Would a blog post on quick and simple spreads be helpful? - However now I've got some free time I've been able to sit and relax as I try and remember how to draw.

Each month I try to come up with a theme that I associate to each month like for May I filled my bullet journal with quotes to help me get through exams, but for June I don't really have any associations. So after scrolling through Pinterest, I found some inspiration to create this title page. All the posts that inspired me are on my Pinterest journalling board here if you want to check it out.

In the top third of the A5 page of the bullet journal are three habit trackers; a study one, a fear overcoming one, and a headache one. Underneath those are an area for what went well and things to improve on.
the calendar page of the bullet journal with an area for this months playlist along the left

The next couple of pages are a new set up for me. Since I've left my wall calendar in my room at uni I thought it would be best to have one in my bullet journal in the hopes I make some plans while I have some free time. I've also added an area to write down my favourite songs of this month.

The other page includes my habit tracker. Rather than tracking water and sleep like I have done in the past, I decided I wanted to keep track of a few things that I really need to make a habit out of. Or in terms of the headache tracker to try and figure out what is causing my headaches.

I also included a section to write down things that went well last month and what I need to improve on. This is me trying to focus on the positives rather than the negatives that I encounter since things seem to go better when I'm happy. I've seen other peoples bullet journals with pages to write down gratitude and etc but I thought for this month I would keep it short and simple. Plus with the things to improve on, I'm not letting the bad things engulf me; I'm facing them head-on instead.

the first half of the weekly double spread. On the left is an area to write down goals and reminders and on the right is an area to keep track of water consumption. The rest of the area is filled with quotes.
the right side of the weekly double spread. With areas to write tasks for monday to friday on the left, and sunday and saturday on the right. As well the the bottom right are a drawing of handing roses.

The final two pages for this months bullet journal spread are my weekly spread pages. Once again I'm trying something new. Since I don't need a lot of space to write daily tasks as at the moment I'm not studying at uni - which before took up the majority of the space - I kept the weekly calendar to one page, and then on the other my water consumption and goals I have set for each week. This will kind of link back to the tracker for me tackling my fears. I've also decided to have a little bit more fun than the basic set out I had for while at uni, with the quotes and drawings. I'm no artist but it's fun spending time setting up these pages.

Who knows if this will be still the same set up next week or even the week after that, I'm having fun trying different layouts. Would a post of different weekly spreads be of interest to anyone?

So that's my set up for June. I've not actually got much planned for this month, are you up to anything fun?

- Sophie

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