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It's almost a trend these days to talk and be sustainable in everything we do. And though I not sure how I feel about these sort of things, including vegetarianism and veganism being 'trendy', I can't complain that by being a trend they are bringing more light to some important topics.

So I thought for today's post it might be of some help to gather a bunch of ways that we can be more sustainable.

It's probably best if we start with a definition of sustainable to put us all on the same page.

'to be able to maintain a certain level or rate'

Now, this dictionary definition could definitely be interpreted in a multitude of ways. But for me, I think one way to look at it is that sustainable means that people, wildlife and the environment should all be kept at a level of efficiency, wellness and enjoyment. Everything living in harmony without interrupting or destroying the other. A balance across the courts.

So with that, I think we can get onto some ways in which we can all try and be sustainable.

Food and Beverages

I think this is one of the top things that comes to peoples minds when they think about how they can look after the environment. The plastic packaging waste on food and drinks that we consume daily is in horrifying amounts, so decreasing it is one way which we can work to being sustainable.

We can simply swap single-use plastic in particular to ones which we can recycle and reuse. I made a whole blog post on plastic-free alternative that you can check out here. Since then I've definitely found more alternatives but that's a whole another blog post altogether.


In particular clothes shopping.

Brands are now being pulled up on their sustainability and ethics as a company, but still with the demand for cheap and quick trend fitting fashion many are not forcing themselves to change for the better. It will be our change as the consumer and where we place our demand and interest that will affect those higher up mindsets and therefore change the brands to a more sustainable route.

In the meantime, there are some brands - though a little more pricy - that are sustainable. I made a post with some of those brands that I'm wishing to buy from in a post here. I'm still on the lookout for some that match up to a student budget but when I find a good enough list I'll let you all know.

Another way to be more sustainable with your shopping is by buying second-hand pieces. I've not done much thrifting before since the shops for that aren't amazing in England, but it's kind of similar to the hand-me-downs I got from my mum, so it's not an idea I'm shying away from.


Transportation is a huge factor when it comes to our environmental footprint. With many of us owning a car or more, the impact on the environment from making them and running them has been increasing. I know in a society like we are in today that having a car can be very important, but being more sustainable is not about cutting something completely out of your life it's about decreasing the negative impact we are having on our health, wildlife health and the environment.

One way to do this would be care-shares. Think if four people each drove a car to work, shared so they all went in one car, they've cut down their emissions to just a quarter of what it was before. This is the same sort of concept for any kind of public transport. Of course, it might make your journey more of a 'hassle' rather than just jumping in the car and go, but in the long run, there is a multitude of positives. We should also definitely be giving public transport more of thought so EVERYONE can access it.

If all else fails, we can walk or cycle. Well, that is if where you want to go is in that sort of distance - like a food shop at your local supermarket. I'm not expecting anyone to walk from the UK to Australia any time soon.

Reducing Waste

As a speices, we have created so much waste, that has reached even the likes as the North Pole. Which is insane if you think that the closest person to the North Poles lives roughly 800 km (500 miles) away from it. Even if the waste is micro-plastics, it's still mind-boggling - and that's saying something considering I study the universe.

The amount of rubbish we all produce is going to vary, but we could all do something to reduce the amount we produce. From glass water bottles instead of plastic to using the mooncup instead of sanitary towels, all this stuff becomes waste that covers the world we currently live on and it's not helping anyone. Even only buying the food you know you will eat will end up helping, so the farmers know how much to produce so supermarkets don't have waste, so the plastic hasn't been used on the food in any more of a greater amount.


Well with the summer break here already for some of us, jetting away to sunny beach holidays seems to be on the agenda for quite a few people. And it's all good I'm not here to stop you from going on holiday. As I said above a part of what I believe sustainable to be, doesn't chuck away the enjoyment of things. So with that in mind, I don't want to stop flying to a different place just because the plane isn't the most environmentally friendly. Instead, being sustainable on holiday is sticking to the things which you do at home. Like not using plastic cutlery, instead, take some with you in your bag. Maybe shopping that country's thrift shops instead of their high street ones, who knows you might find something even more amazing than a typical Primark top. 

In the end it's not about taking away the fun of the holiday, instead, it's about enjoying it while also making it as sustainable as possible.

These are just a few points as to where we can make changes. Not all of them are going to instant. But it's about learning and altering what we already do to create a sustainable lifestyle.

Are you doing any of these things that I pointed out already? Have you found another way of which you are going sustainable? I'm always up for learning some more about topics that I care about.

- Sophie

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