In the top left is an image from the Tala website where the female is wearing shorts and a sports bra. In the top left the image is from the Alfends website showing an image of a female wearing the Shelby jeans. The bottom two images of the graphic are from the Reformation website. Both dresses, one a green wrap dress and the other a two piece red onsomble.

Back at the beginning of the year, one of my new year resolutions was to create a wardrobe that was edging its way towards being sustainable. However, over the last five months, I've come to the realisation that in my current situation it's not the easiest change to make.

So instead I thought this would be a good time to create an old fashion wishlist. I'm not sure how much people like reading these days, but I guess it also becomes a place for me to look back and be able to tick things off in the future.

Fast fashion isn't free. Somewhere, someone is paying. - Lucy Siegle

Towards the top of my list is the brand REFORMATION. Ever since I heard Ashley from Bestdressed talk about it repeatedly and saw the items she has from there I've been obsessed. It's quite often that sustainable clothing brands are very much plain and basic - not that there is anything wrong with that - but Reformation has some amazing pieces that I have fallen in love with. If it didn't have the expensive price tag on it I would have treated myself already, but I guess you're paying for the ethics and aesthetics.

Another Bestdressed recommendation is AFENDS. They caught my eye for their jeans. I know in my mind I really want a well-fitting pair of jeans that fit me and my style perfectly, last a long time and are also on par with my ethics for clothing. Sadly this is an Australian brand, so not ideal for someone who likes to try on jeans before buying them. But as for most sustainable brands, these are the early years, so hopefully one day they grow big enough for their stores to reach here in the UK.

Actually, that's another point. Do you know of any sustainable clothing brands here in the UK? Or even any good thrift stores? It would be grand if we had thrift/charity stores like they do in parts of the USA, or maybe we do and I just haven't found them yet.

My finally sustainable brand is TALA. Started by Grace from GracefitUK, she has created a sportswear brand that is sustainable and ethical in every part. Even the labels can be planted. Though I still don't exercise as much as I should, in my head I have the idea that I will be more motivated to work out if I had some flattering workout gear to wear. And if it also matches my ethics that is amazing!

As with all of these brands I know, I'm going to have to save up before I can buy the items that I like, but in the end, it's worth it if we can help out this suffering planet we live on.

Have any of you thought of buying more sustainable clothing? What other changes have you made to be more environmentally friendly?

- Sophie

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*Images used in this post are from their brand websites.