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I feel like it is about time I followed up one of my recent post, recent as in one of the last few I uploaded even though it's been nearly a month or so, where I wrote about all the changes I wanted to make to create a plastic-free lifestyle for myself. So here we are with a good old classic wish list blog post, so we can all add things to our shopping baskets that will sit there till we finally can reason for making an order.


Straws are at the top of my priority list of things to find alternatives for if such a list ever existed. Mainly down to the fact that at home this one was our main culprits of one use plastic usage. Though paper ones are doing okay at the moment they're still not favourable in the long run. There's quite a variety of straws out there though, from metal to glass; both which I'm not a fan of using. Instead bamboo or silicone looks pretty good. I've been eyeing these ones off Boobaloo. So there's number one for my wish list.


I currently use those bags for life that Asda sells, but still, they are not that environmentally friendly. So instead I've been looking at canvas bags. Amazon has such a variety of them, so they've gone in my shopping cart for when I next make an order.

[Canvas Bags]


Every time I throw out a finished bottle of shampoo I cringe slightly inside. Like I do sort of need this to wash my hair and a pound per bottle is kind on my student bank account, but I do wish for an alternative. Lush sells shampoo bars and other products that don't have any plastic being sold with them, and since I've already heard how great they are maybe this should have been first on my wish list. Alas, after my birthday and before exams I think I'm going to treat myself to some of Lush's plastic-free products. Do you still read reviews, and would you like me to do a blog post on them?


It didn't dawn on me till the other month when I was in conversation with one of my friends as we scrolled through WEARTH London, that cutlery is a pretty big guilty party on the plastic front. So seeing this cutlery set made of natural wheat fibre seems like a pretty good thing to add to my wishlist. Plus they come in such cute colours. I think I'm already eyeing up the pink set.

[Cutlery Set]


I've been eyeing up the bamboo lunchboxes in TKMaxx for over a year now, and if only I knew how tight the seal is I would have bought one by now. If anyone has got one I would love to know. I really don't want to be risking all my uni work when carrying everything in my bag into uni.

I think I'll leave this wish list here for now. I don't want to add too much and overwhelm myself. 

Do you all want to be kept updated on how I go about changing to a plastic-free lifestyle on here? 
Have you got anything on your own wishlist?

- Sophie

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