I've had this idea for a blog post sat in my drafts for way too many months now, that it's either time to get rid of it or finally write it. So since I promised myself that this year I would try to infuse my degree more into my content on this little corner of the World Wide Web, this seemed like as a good a place as any to start.

Honestly, the main reason this post has sat hidden away for so long is that I didn't know how to write it. See if we really look at my days it very much just includes my studying, blogging and watching Netflix. Not the most interesting things out there. But despite the lack of a typical student social life, that's on me not wanting to go out too much, I wanted to shed some light on my university course and hope I can encourage some more people to give it a chance.

For the days I am actually in uni having lectures, they are pretty packed. This semester I have two 9ams and one 11am start and then finish a mix between 6, 5 and 4pm. Seems crazy long on some of those days but in the end, I do get four days off a week so it balances out. Trust me on this one, it's definitely better to get all the lectures out of the way in a few days then you have more days to actually lie in.

These three days for which I have lectures are mainly my lectures and social days. Since those are the days' everyone's on campus and an hour is really not long enough to go back and relax, so we all just hang out and catch up in the library cafe. Despite enjoying my time by myself, university has taught me how we do still need some human interaction to keep our mental health in some form of wellness, so these few hours each day chilling with my friends I try and get the most out of.

If any of you are interesting in finding out what exactly I study on these days, let me know and I can make a whole post dedicated to it.

The rest of the week, I don't really leave the flat. Bad I know, I need to find a way of changing it. So I spend that time doing work for the tutorials, writing up my lecture notes, keeping on top of blog work, and finding new shows to watch.

Sometimes I wish I did more to go out of my free days and learn to harness all the time. But it's a work in progress, and I'm very good at binge watching shows too much of the time.

I wish this post pull be a bit more interesting, but being frank I don't fit into the most student like stereotype most of the time.

So those are my days as an astrophysics university student. I'm curious, any of you in, plan to go, or been to university what do you, plan to, did you study?

- Sophie

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