how to go plastic-free

For the last few months, I've been trying to make changes to my lifestyle. Be that the food I eat or the cutlery I use to eat with. Every change is being made in order to look after this planet we live on a little more each time.

I made it a goal to myself to write more about topics other than fashion and beauty on here and stop idling along sidelines as everyone else speaks up about topics I find important. So here we are. With the first of those.

The plastic usage and waste that the human population creates is massive. Tons and tons being produced and used each day for it to be just chucked aside once it has finished it's purpose, piling up in junkyards, staying there for hundreds of years, barely decomposing back into the earth. I think it's even more insane the places that plastic has reached. While watching the documentary Drowning In Plastic I learnt that pieces of microplastics have made it all the way to the north pole. Miles away from civilisation. Yet it's there and won't disappear for another number of years.

Learning this I decided to finally put more into action my wishes to live without plastic. And after watching Sorella and learning a plastic free lifestyle is actually possible, I'm more determined than ever to make it happen.

However, I know it's not going to be easy. Supermarkets don't really cater for a plastic free lifestyle and sometimes I can't fork out on plastic free items that are way too expensive for a university student. So that's why I'm going to write down the list on here. Then I have a forever existing reminder of what I want to achieve.


Where this whole adventure started. I haven't used plastic straws in years, even when I go out I refuse to use them. And now I've finally got my family on board too. We now have paper straws. That though go soggy after using them, you can recycle them after using them so it's all worth it. And if you don't want to deal with soggy straws there are even metal ones out there too.

Water Bottles

I currently use a mixture of the plastic water bottles with water already in them and then just the plain plastic bottles I've bought otherwise. These are all getting a little old now so it is about time I got a new one anyone. However, instead of plastic, I'm thinking of metal or glass. I think a trip to TKMaxx is due.

Beauty Products

This one is including everything from skincare to makeup and even to haircare. So much plastic is used in the tubs, tubes and bottles that the products come in. On one hand, I could cut down on the number of items each category has, but I really do like doing skincare and makeup so it makes it that bit more tricky, so I think I'll stick to only buying stuff when I completely run out of it. On the other hand, I could look for plastic-free products. I know Lush has a whole section for it, and I would really love to try some if only it wasn't so much more expensive than my £1 Superdrug shampoo. Would you like to see a plastic-free Lush wishlist at some point?


One of the most tricky categories for changing to plastic-free since I have no control over what the supermarket sells. But at the moment I feel I'm doing something by not using the plastic bags for loose veg. 


I have to abide by the rules the university set out for waste since I do live on campus, so that means rubbish and waste does have to go in plastic bags. However I am using bin bags that are more easily biodegraded for my recycling bin, I would use them for the normal bin as well but any dampness melts the bag away. 


I haven't really started working on this one yet since it only really came to me when writing this post, but I use plastic tupperware boxes to store food either in the fridge or freezer when I make more than one serving since it's difficult to cook for one. I'm not sure what other alternatives there are for this one, but I'm sure I'll find something soon.

This is just a small collection of areas of my life that I'm trying to reduce the plastic in. It's not a quick process by no means but every little thing we do shall help a little more. Have I missed any areas out that we should really be reducing plastic in? Are you doing anything to reduce your plastic consumption? If you know of any alternatives for any of these things I've mentioned I'd love to know.

- Sophie

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