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The page has turned over from 2018 to 2019 and it's about time I finish my bullet journal set up for this year. Better late than never seems to be something I say all too often on here, but nonetheless true.

I've spent way too long trying to write the intro to this post and it doesn't seem to be going anywhere, so why don't we just jump straight on into the pages I have included for 2019.

bullet journal
bullet journal goals page
blogging bullet journal

As you can see my bullet journal is not perfect. I make mistakes and I don't have the most steady hand when lining things, however, I'm still happy with how it's all turned out. So if you want to start a bullet journal don't stress too much on making it absolutely perfect.

There aren't too many pages to my yearly spread lot, I have the title page for 2019, which feels like it might be the first page that actually somewhat connects to what I study even after having this journal for over half a year now. I kept it simple, so nothing too out there with this page.

My next double spread is for any birthdays that are happening this year. I am actually so bad with remember birthdays unless it's my direct family, so I think this page might actually come in handy more than once this year. I still need to fill some of it in but first I need to find the actual dates for some of my friends birthdays. I haven't got too much going on on this page since it felt like it needed to be more practical than anything else. 

The last double spread for this year's pages is the page with all my goals. I actually wrote a post last week on some of my goals for this year if you haven't seen it yet I would love if you did and maybe let me know some of your resolutions too. This page is probably the artsiest that I've been in a long time. Bullet journal wise this year I want to try and but more design, colour, and washi tape into it since I've found what works for me now is just to make it look more pretty. This page I used inspiration from Pinterest and you can find all the bullet journals I love in my journalling board.

And that's all the pages for this year! I also have set up this terms pages as well as January's, but those are pretty similar to past ones from my 'Student Bullet Journal' blog post as any of the months' ones 'like this one' if you want to see how I normally set them up.

Do you still want to see my bullet journal pages each month? I'm not sure if you have gotten bored with them yet.

Have you got any bullet journal related goals for this year?

- Sophie

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