A Decade Of Reflection

image is of a blue door on a white building, located in York Yorkshire UK

With it coming to the end another decade, and it being that time of the year to reflect on everything, good and bad. I thought it would a nice idea to write down and keep a log of everything these past ten years that I've achieved.

I'd love to know what you've accomplished in this same time frame, so leave a comment.

Reflecting On The Hopes Of 2019

a flatlay of the opened title page of a bullet journal for the year, surrounded by fairy lights on a soft white blanket. 2019 is written out in words in black with a purple shadow with a planet drawn in the top right corner.

At the beginning of this year instead of writing a list of goals or resolutions, I wrote a list of hopes. In the hopes, it would bring less pressure to have actually completed them by the end of the year. But with 2019 closing it's doors pretty soon I think it's about time I look back on those hopes to see which I've achieved and which are still hopes for myself to tick off whenever they seem to fit into my life.

The Ultimate List Of Eco-Friendly Period Products

period products that are eco-friendly, sustainable and ethical

Working our ways into a more sustainable lifestyle is one that everyone and their great aunt seem to be doing these days. However, for us females or anyone with a uterus, there is one extra area that we have to think about if we want to fully optimise our own sustainability.

The dreaded period!

Sustainable Gift Ideas

sustainable gift ideas, eco-friendly gift ideas

Every year Christmas comes around. And every year I try not to let the stress of having absolutely no clue what to gift everyone gets to me. There is the stress of getting them something they will love and actually use and the stress of trying to also fit it around my views and ethicals on sustainability. Therefore this has led me to this post.

After doing some much-needed hunting and scrolling through the internet and trusty old Twitter I hope I've gathers some gift ideas that would be suitable for anyone who is trying to be more environmentally conscious this Christmas.


A good starting point for any kind of gift is to focus on what that other person might actually need. For example, as a student, I can tell you that even socks are an item that is much appreciated. From there you can look for versions of those products from ethical, sustainable and/or vegan brands.

I like to use Christmas, and any other celebration really, as an excuse to splurge on those things that otherwise you or your close ones might not have bought. Meaning that those items from sustainable brands might be more in your budget than any other time,

Anyway I've come up with a small list of ideas that hopefully will inspire you when trying to pick out gifts this Christmas,


  • Pamper your close humans with treats from such places as The BodyShop or Lush. I always find these products slightly more on the pricey side to buy them all year round especially on a student budget, but being it the season of giving I like how I can treat my friends and family to things they hopefully will actually use as well as without the plastic packaging or at least packaging you can trade-in.
  • Anything that could make student life easier is always a happy surprise when it comes to gifts, be it a cake mix to make on days where assignments have got you down to laptop stands such as ili Laptop Stand. Honestly as well if you get stuck on what to get a student for Christmas to think of items they might be able to use, I got scales on year and now I can measure out my food so no more wasting pasta.
  • A typical sustainable gift idea is clothes. I actually want to do a whole post on sustainable brands furthering on from this one I did a couple months ago. But nonetheless, if you know someone has been eyeing up something that is more on the pricey side as many ethical and sustainable brands rightly are, even if its a joint present I'm sure they'll be entirely grateful.
  • And there is always food! Set them up with a starting kit from places such as The Refill Pantry, even if you make it up yourself. Jumping into the world of plastic-free can be daunting and not the cheapest so giving them a starting hand is a great idea for a gift. You could even make it out as more of a hamper kind of thing, so add some personal touches.
  • Classes are also an idea. There are such places out there as Cookery School which focus on sustainable learning while learning to cook. You could even make it into a day out together because especially at Christmas it is a time for getting together with your loved ones and enjoying each others company. Mind you make sure you book a class that you'll know they'll enjoy.
  • My last idea is to focus on small businesses. Christmas can be a time to make or break those people trying to get their businesses off their feet so why not use your gift to help out more than one person. Brands like Wrap All About It not only make beautiful items but you buying them will help them and their families out at this time of the year as well. I've also got a code for you all for Wrap All About It HERE if you chose to spread the Christmas cheer.

As you can tell by my rather short list that coming up with gift ideas is still something I'm working on, but hopefully, if you've been a little stuck this year you've gained some kind of inspiration for gifts that are more sustainable this year.

What other sustainable gifts ideas can you think of? I'd love to be able to add to this list.

- Sophie

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Day In The Life Of A Placement Student | Research Assistant

an article on Sophie's Spot all about what it is like being on placement as a research assistant.

Back towards the first couple of months of the year, I wrote a post about my typical day as an astrophysics student. Instead today I thought it might, hopefully, be interesting to continue that mini-series of a day in the life, with my day in the life of a placement student. In particular the Day of a research assistant.

Thrifted Autumn Outfits

outfits based around items that have been thrifted

It's probably closer to the end of the autumn season that the beginning but better late than never as I always say.

After #secondhandseptember in September I've been trying my hardest to not only wear a lot more of the clothes I already own that have been lost in the back of my wardrobe for who even knows how long but also to only buy from thrift shops unless it's an emergency or I'm completely in love with an item that will become a staple in my weekly outfit rotations.

How To Schedule Pins To Pinterest

How to schedule your blog post promo pins to pinterest.co.uk

Following on from my last blog post on How To Increase Your Page Views Using Pinterest it seems like a good time to go into further details on how you can schedule your promotional pins to go out at any time of the day.

How To Increase Your Page Views Using Pinterest

The image shows a phone with the pinterest app open. Advertising the how to increase page views using pinterest blog post by Sophie's Spot

Something I've been working on these last few months is increasing the reach of each individual blog posts on the world wide web. I'm still not getting massive numbers but one thing I think I've learnt enough about is using Pinterest to increase those views. So hopefully today I can help some of you also to increase your own websites page views.

Why Should You Take A Placement Year

female sat at table working on laptop, applying for her placement year
Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash

For those of you in your second year of university, it is probably the time of year to start thinking about whether or not you wish to take a year out from your studies for either work experience or to study somewhere different for the year.

How To Do Well In The Second Year Of University

So you’ve somehow made it through the first year of university and are ready for the challenge of the second year. But after that enjoyment of student life and the somewhat smaller step from A-level than GCSE to A-Level was, its probably time to give some thought of how you are going to tackle the second year of your degree. Plus this year count towards you finally degree, the first year didn’t, so time to make those plans.

How To Run A Student Blog

A desk set up, with the model working at their laptop

I've typically stayed away from writing how-to posts since I've always believed as I'm not a master of anything and that there is probably always someone who is more experienced and well versed in a subject than me. Probably a bit of imposter syndrome there. But since all the time I've had this blog, which is around 5 years now, I've been a student, writing a post about how to blog while also being a student seems like something I could give advice on.

5 Ways To Be More Environmentally Conscious As A Student

A photograph of the sea through the leaves of a palm tree, reminding us why we should be environmentally conscious

One thing I've tried to focus on here and while being a student is ways to be more sustainable and caring for the environment and wildlife.

It can be difficult at times to be completely sustainable as a student, or really just anyone on a tight budget, since being sustainable for the most part means spending more money than when purchasing less environmentally friendly alternatives. Which for most of us we can't afford on a regular basis since maintenance loans aren't an awful lot after the necessary costs are taken away.

How To Budget As A University Student

For many of us univeristy is our first big step into being an independent adult. Partially living by ourselves and partly still living with our parents. This middle ground is kind of one of the reasons I chose to go to uni.

Student Bullet Journal Page Ideas

The image shows the semester overview of a bullet journal for September and October

Over the last two years, I've found having a planner/organiser to be extremely helpful when trying to organise university life. With trying to balance meeting new friends, seeing old friends, lectures, assignments and sports teams and societies having somewhere to note everything down can make your life a whole lot easier.

Plastic Particles Falling Out The Sky | Mid-Week Ramble #2

The image isn't directly related to the blog post but it is a shot of the York minister looking up from the ground at it

One of the reasons I wanted to start this series was to bring to the front stage and to discuss news articles that I had come across and read recently, since plenty of the time they are related to important topics that many of us feel strongly about.

So when I read this BBC article about plastic particles falling out of the sky I knew this would be something I would write about.

The Forgotten Items Of The University Checklist #2

It's that time of the year again. All of you who have just received your A-levels, which I hope went well and anyone else for that matter who are off to university in September are collecting everything you need for your new adventure.

Impostor Syndrome | Mid-Week Ramble #1

Finally, I'm here with the start of my Mid-Week Ramble series, I hope you enjoy! As the title indicates this will be a bit of a ramble but nonetheless I hope you find some of my rambling entertaining

Impostor syndrome. I feel like this phrase/word is popping up a lot in my life at the moment. So I thought of it as an indication that this would be a good chance and time to have a discussion about it. Since that is why I started this Mid-Week Ramble series for.

The Ultimate List Of Vegan K-Beauty Brands

Last year I put together a list of cruelty-free Korean beauty brands, which you can totally find here, and ever since then I've had it in my list of blog post ideas to write one specifically for those of you who wish to only use vegan brands. So here I am with that post for you.

My CAPS19 Experience

A shot of the swansea beach. Looking out into the horizon as the sun is starting to set

So before I turn you all away with the talk of physics, if you're a student and are stuck in a rut maybe give this post a read to find out other ways to make what you are learning fun; because we all know exams drain the life out of is.

Sophie's Spot Monthly Newsletter

So recently I've been trying to expand this blog on many different frontiers. And since the world of social media doesn't seem to be a stable one with Instagram algorithms and crashes every other month [exageration but you get the point], it seemed like a safe bet would be on creating an email list.

April Skin Magic Snow Cushion Review

the shot is of a girl looking in the mirror while applying to cushion foundation to her face.

It's been a while since I've sat down and written out a review on here, and even longer since it was a make-up review. But since trying out a new foundation since my usual favourite was out of stock everywhere, I thought it would be a good idea to add another cushion foundation to the reviews I have written before.

Of which you can find here: Missha, Chica'Y'Chico

Mid-Week Ramble | An Introduction

So I've had this idea written down for nearly over a year now, and I guess I've just been putting it off for the most part due to a fear of upsetting someone. But a while back I had a conversation with the lovely Fran from Francisca Rockey and she brought it to the forefront of my mind that I can't live life fearing of disagreeing with someone over my own opinions.

So that brings us to this train of thought.

Mid-Year Resolutions Check-in

It's crazy to think now we are pretty much halfway through 2019 and half a year away from 2020!

With that in mind, I thought it would be a good idea to look back on the goals I made back at the beginning of January and to see how many I've completed or how far I am away from reaching the end of those goals. The latter is probably more likely to be the case. But it's okay we still have another 182 days to go to tick them all off.

How To Live More Sustainably

in front of a background of flowers and green bushes, the top half of a glass water bottle is held up

It's almost a trend these days to talk and be sustainable in everything we do. And though I not sure how I feel about these sort of things, including vegetarianism and veganism being 'trendy', I can't complain that by being a trend they are bringing more light to some important topics.

So I thought for today's post it might be of some help to gather a bunch of ways that we can be more sustainable.

UK Travel Bucket List

the image is taken at bodnant gardens. Through a boarder of trees the stone building stands.

A couple years ago I wrote two blog posts containing my list of places I wish to go - you can find them here and here -  but honestly I haven't really visited many of those places yet; mainly due to the lack of time and money to enjoy my time whenever/ if ever I went to the places I had written down.

However, it is still a goal of mine to see more of the world than just the town I grew up in and the one I went to university in. Therefore, I thought what better place to start than those places right on my doorstep.

Books To Read This Summer

three books are stacked on top of each other. Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell, How hard can love be by Holly Bourne and The Keeper of lost things by Ruth Hogen. On top of this stack is a tiny figurine of a sitting owl. The back ground is a solid grey colour as everything sits on a grey and white checked duvet.

Now that second year has officially finished and we're into the summer break, it seems like the perfect time to dust off those books that have been sitting waiting patiently on the bookshelf to be read. Or as for me take to Amazon to buy some books that have been sat on my to-read list for a while now.

I'm not going to include any spoilers in this kind of post for anyone who is worried, the most I might share is information which is also included in the blurb of each book.

June 2019 Bullet Journal Spread

A June title page. June if written in cursive inside a circle of blue small bubbles and two pink roses. Underneath it is written the Mulan quote "A flower that blooms in adversity is the most rare and beautiful of all".

It's been a while since I last uploaded a bullet journal post. My last one was back in February, which feels so long ago now.

This June also marks the one year mark for my bullet journal. I've definitely come a long way with the set up since then. I really didn't have any idea how to set out everything I wanted to keep track of and had no clue what I even wanted to include. If you still want to see my first few pages of my bullet journal you can see it here.

My Sustainable Brands Wishlist

In the top left is an image from the Tala website where the female is wearing shorts and a sports bra. In the top left the image is from the Alfends website showing an image of a female wearing the Shelby jeans. The bottom two images of the graphic are from the Reformation website. Both dresses, one a green wrap dress and the other a two piece red onsomble.

Back at the beginning of the year, one of my new year resolutions was to create a wardrobe that was edging its way towards being sustainable. However, over the last five months, I've come to the realisation that in my current situation it's not the easiest change to make.

So instead I thought this would be a good time to create an old fashion wishlist. I'm not sure how much people like reading these days, but I guess it also becomes a place for me to look back and be able to tick things off in the future.

A Little Life Catch-Up

It has been a while since I've sat in front of my laptop screen with blogger open and the cursor bar flickering as I have intentions to write something to all of you who read my blog. And maybe it's because I don't really have a topic to write about, but the words aren't flowing as smoothly as I would like them to be.

I say I don't have a topic but I guess updating all of you is also a topic, though not one that I find the easiest to write about.

So where have I been these last couple of month?

Well, honestly, there's not overly a lot to tell - though I still felt like this post is a good one to welcome back with after I've been away for a while - I've pretty much spent the last couple of month sat at my desk cramming every last physics and maths fact and equation into my head, in hopes that I can remember it for when I brain dump during the exams.

As of when this post will be up, I shall have finished my second year of university as of four days ago. I'm not sure how I'm already halfway through my time actually study at this university for my degree, but somehow it's flown by and I'm not completely sure what I've done with the ~17520 hours that I've used up. However somehow I have, and I know that for the next ~17520 hours and more I want to use my time a lot more productively so that I can work towards the goals that I have set for myself.

I'm now sat here, having written about what has pretty much taken over my life this last month or so without leaving any brain space for anything else, and I'm not sure what I should write. In terms of blog posts, my last life update wasn't all that too long ago. But I guess updating from that I've now got my placement year pretty much sorted, both work placement and study abroad placement pretty much there I just need to sort out the last few bits and pieces.

Since those two things will be my life for the next year, I want to be able to incorporate them into my blog as well. So is there anything you would like me to write about linking to these two? Any questions you want answering?

Honestly, I get so stumped for blog post ideas some times, so if there is anything you like seeing from me let me know.

So now it's time for summer!

I'm not sure how long my summer will actually be, since I'm not 100% sure when my work placement is starting, but I've made a pact with myself to not waste this year like I have done in the past. Summer break for me last year was pretty much spending a lot of time inside watching Netflix since I made no plans and my friends were then scattered all over the country. But this year I'm focusing on myself. My fitness. My mental health. My fears. All of these so I can do the things I've always wanted to do without the pit of dread in the bottom of my stomach that makes me feel like I can't get over the wall the new challenge puts up.

So I should probably wrap this up now. It's a day later than I was expecting it to be published since I spent yesterday away from my laptop after travelling back home from uni. But as I always say, "Better late than never".

How have you all been since I last posted? Anything exciting happen?

- Sophie

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Plastic-Free Alternatives Wish List

plastic free alternatives

I feel like it is about time I followed up one of my recent post, recent as in one of the last few I uploaded even though it's been nearly a month or so, where I wrote about all the changes I wanted to make to create a plastic-free lifestyle for myself. So here we are with a good old classic wish list blog post, so we can all add things to our shopping baskets that will sit there till we finally can reason for making an order.

Second Year Uni Catch-up

advance selfie

Grab your cups of teas people because today's post is going to be a bit more of a chatty kind of post compared to my last few. Which were actually nearly a month ago now, your girls been busy with all things uni, but since I have about a week where things are not as intense it's time to drill out all that blog content so I can still post even when the next lot of assignments and test roll round.

Day In The Life Of An Astrophysics Student

I've had this idea for a blog post sat in my drafts for way too many months now, that it's either time to get rid of it or finally write it. So since I promised myself that this year I would try to infuse my degree more into my content on this little corner of the World Wide Web, this seemed like as a good a place as any to start.

February Bullet Journal Spread

February bullet journal

I'm sat here on the morning of the day of which this post is meant to go up, finding it not so easy to find words to write for this post. My mental health has not been at it's best the last few days and motivation to do anything has kind of gone down the drain. But nonetheless, writing and publishing blog content on time makes me feel good, so I'm going to try and make this post as interesting as I can despite my mood.

Changing To Plastic-Free

how to go plastic-free

For the last few months, I've been trying to make changes to my lifestyle. Be that the food I eat or the cutlery I use to eat with. Every change is being made in order to look after this planet we live on a little more each time.

How To Start A Bullet Journal

how to start a bullet journal

Should I be sat here writing this post, probably not, should I be studying instead, most likely. But I needed a break from quantum physics so here we are.

If you haven't been following me for the last six month you might not have seen any of the posts that I have up about the bullet journal that I've been keeping, of which you can find them all here, however considering you've clicked on this post I can assume that you have a least the minuscule amount of interesting in starting a bullet journal for yourself. Therefore here I am sat with my bullet journal next to me, showing my barely completed to-do list, while I try and compile some helpful tips on how to start a bullet journal.

Styling Dresses In Winter

Have you ever had a blog post idea in the back of your mind for months, and it takes till the one free day, after all, that time to finally put it into action. Well yeah, that was me for this post.

Though I'm not one to wear dresses that much, think once in the blue moon kind of rarity, I'm even less likely to wear them in winter, if that percentage of wearing them can get any smaller than the rest of the year. But as a challenge, and for the blog and Instagram, I thought it would be fun to style one that I could, in theory, wear out on any cold winter's day. And you know what I've seemed to lost my ability to write good introductions for any of my blog posts so let's jump right back into this post.

Favourite Netflix Series & Films*

For a university student, I might just spend too much time searching through Netflix to find something to watch while I procrastinate from the piles of work that I should probably be doing instead. But this doesn't stop me from getting through quite a selection of shows and films, while still getting all my work done of course.

I spend my time watching Netflix on my laptop, but sometimes a bigger screen makes the viewing experience that much more entertaining, such as the Oled Tv Panasonic. Alas while at uni I shall spend my time watching Netflix on my laptop tucked up in bed whenever I can.

2019's Bullet Journal Set Up

bullet journal 2019

The page has turned over from 2018 to 2019 and it's about time I finish my bullet journal set up for this year. Better late than never seems to be something I say all too often on here, but nonetheless true.

I've spent way too long trying to write the intro to this post and it doesn't seem to be going anywhere, so why don't we just jump straight on into the pages I have included for 2019.

What I Hope To Do In 2019

This post is a bit late up since I chose to focus on my maths exam for the first few days of the year, but better late than never I say.

I never really got used to writing 2018 and now we're writing 2019 I'm going to slip up more than once I think.

This time last year instead of writing my goals of which I hoped I would achieve throughout 2018 I wrote a list of goals that I knew I wasn't going to be able to achieve. However this year I'm feeling more adventurous so I'm going to write up everything I want to do this year. Plus then I have you all to also make sure I'm keeping up with ticking things off my list.