Reflecting on 2018

Another year came and another year has gone.

2018 has been a year of ups and a year of downs, but I'm pleased to say I've come out of it okay.

I didn't write any resolutions for this year since I wanted to be realistic with myself and wasn't sure how much I could achieve, so when I look back I don't really have much to compare myself against. 

Despite that, even I can see how much I've grown in the last 365 days.

For the most part of this year, I feel like I've been studying. The first year of university completed and on to the second. Day in and day out studying, studying and more studying. Though for the most part, I might have wasted my summer, around that all I have done is concentrated on my university work.

It wasn't until I went into my second year of university that I started to challenge myself more. I've been out to Spoons, to a house party and rarely gone back to my room between lectures. All of this might seem small but all were a big step up from how I was in my first year. I finally kicked myself into gear, even if it was late in the year, to tackle everything that makes me hesitate with fear. Realising the I needed to start facing everything since the next year is going to bring about big things and I need to prove to myself that I'm mentally ready.

I think one of the biggest things for me this year was going to see BTS live! I don't really hide my love for these seven boys, so seeing them perform on stage right before my eyes was really a dream come true. Going to see them was also a huge milestone for me as well since your girl doesn't really go out much. I was able to make it into London through London, there and back, by myself [I did though meet a friend nearer to the stadium]. To some of you, I bet you do that all the time, but crowded places really are way out this comfortable bubble I live in. I even missed my train home, so I was sat in Kings Cross Station by myself at midnight. I was lucky that one of the conductor was so nice helping me get on the next train and the girls on the train [also BTS fans] who made the journey back more easy and fun. But since getting through that now whenever I start to doubt if I can do something, I think of what I've done and try to persuade myself that it will go okay.

There's still a long way to go in terms of growth, but throughout 2018 I've moved forward and pushed boundaries, and I hope I can do that again and more in 2019.

What are your favourite memories from 2018?

I'll sign off now with this being my last post of 2018. I hope you all have a wonderful rest over the new year and look after yourselves this holiday.

- Sophie

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