Reflecting on 2018

Another year came and another year has gone.

2018 has been a year of ups and a year of downs, but I'm pleased to say I've come out of it okay.

I didn't write any resolutions for this year since I wanted to be realistic with myself and wasn't sure how much I could achieve, so when I look back I don't really have much to compare myself against. 

Despite that, even I can see how much I've grown in the last 365 days.

Favourites of 2018

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Long time no see all!

It's been quite some time since I've sat down with my laptop opened on blogger the white page staring back at me, having the struggle of trying to figure out a way of getting the thoughts into my head into words on the screen.

I was actually going to write a whole post about what I had been up to recently as a way of getting my blogging groove back on, but in all honesty, I've not really been doing much but studying and completing a ton of university assignments. So instead I'm just going to jump right back into the mix of things and go old school blogging with my favourites of 2018.