Femme Luxe First Impressions


If anyone remembers back at around the start of the year and once again in the middle, I wrote some blog posts with the intention of reviewing online clothes retailers, in the hopes of it being helpful for you all. Well, we can see that never really took off!

However, when FemmeLuxe, a brand I have seen floating around in the blogosphere recently dropped me an email asking if I would like to try out some of their items I saw the chance to be able to add another segment to this series.


FemmeLuxe is a brand that aims to have the latest trends at affordable prices. I was lucky enough to pick out some of their items from their knitwear collection, perfect for this season right?

So on to the items that I picked out. As you can see I have a thing for cropped jumpers! I find them far more flattering on me that 'normal' jumpers on my body shape. In this selection, I picked two out in a wine or burgundy colour, not entirely sure what you would call it but on the website, it is wine [Wine Loose Fit Crop Knitted Jumper - Eden and Wine Ruffle Hem Chunky Knit Crop Jumper] and one in a greenish blue [Jade Green Ribbed Bobble Stitch Knitted Jumper - Maisie]. Price wise, these are all currently under £20, which for a good quality jumper I think that is pretty good; though these are all on sale at the moment. They all look and feel nice, and fit quite well as well. I got them all in a size 8/10 and I don't really feel like they fit small or large compared to the size guide. So big thumbs up there FemmeLuxe. the only thing I had a slight problem with is the tightness of the high neck on the [name] jumper, but then I still think I can make it work, maybe stretch it out a bit; did this with one of my other high neck jumpers in my wardrobe.

As much as I love Autumn colours of red, oranges and deep purples, I really do love the colour blue on me; you know one of those colours that you can throw on and will make you feel great about yourselves. So out of these three jumpers, I think that one if my favourite. And I think everyone who saw me on Friday when I wore it would agree that it is such a pretty colour. Definitely check it out if you're looking for a new jumper.

Other than the jumpers I also challenged myself a picked out two dresses. One is the Black Ribbed Knit Button Detail Mini Dress and the other being the Orange Bardot Knitted Mini Dress.  As much as I wear dresses for posts here on the blog, I rarely actually wear them out. Someone give me the courage to! But I had seen the black ribbed knit button detail mini dress on Instagram or someone else's blog, can't remember who, and I loved how it looks. I've definitely fallen into the trap of "it looks nice on the model so I should get it" when in reality I'm not too sure. It does look okay actually, I'm just not the bravest around dress but it's time to challenge myself, and the quality is nice, not too thin and also not to thick with it being knitwear; I might try and style it for a future blog post but Autumn is kind of fading away fast. Also a key point I have to point out, it that it is actually long enough to cover my behind! This is something that is so hard for me to find in dresses that are also mini since well I'm not the smallest in that department, but it does indeed cover everything it needs to.

As for the orange bardot knitted mini dress, this is me trying to be brave, like really brave! It was another the model looks fab moment. Orange I'm still not if orange is my colour, but the cut of this dress is gorgeous! I could totally see myself wearing it more often [if I had the chance to] if it was in a different colour. Though it does seem like I've saved my Halloween costume by accident. Pumpkin anyone?

All pieces material are looking like sturdy knitwear, and as it is the season for knitwear it's a great time to add some pieces to your wardrobe. Size wise they all fit as the website said they would, which is brilliant!

I would have loved to do a full review of their items, in the sense of how long the quality of the clothes lasts, but alas university! And I think that kind of says it all. If you haven't caught up with how university is going so far this year for me, you can find out in the recent blog post I uploaded on here.

Have you tried anything from FemmeLuxe? If so what, or otherwise which of these items is your favourite and where would you wear it?

- Sophie

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