As I'm sat here now it's been one whole week since I moved back into halls for my second year of university. After a hectic week of starting lectures and being constantly anxious about going to make food since I didn't know any of my new flatmates, I'm here to give you the second edition to my university room tours.

To be honest, my room isn't overly different from last year, it's just slightly bigger and has an en-suite other than that it's got the same sort of basic layout as last year. So somethings might be similar to last year but I hope you enjoy having a peaked inside my university room.

University of Hertfordshire Bellingham Court

What I really love about my room this year, besides now having my own bathroom, is all the storage this room comes with. This year the shelves are wider by the door and I have two ottomans with decent size draws under them. For someone who has a lot of stuff and loose items but doesn't like everything on show, this is actually pretty perfect.

Oh and the plant in the pictures above is one of the few things I bought for university this year. I didn't really need to buy anything since I still had everything from last year that was still in working order, but this year I wanted to add some life and greenery back into my room. So, everyone, I would like you to meet Spike the plant!

I'm not really sure there is much else to say about my room at this point, I'm just hoping the pictures can do all the talking.

Are any of you starting university this year? How are you all feeling so far into the year?

- Sophie

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