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For you bullet journal lovers out there it's your lucky month, being that I've got two bullet journal spread blog posts for you all.

I have this feeling that this might be a little late for those of you who have started back at school already, or have been prepared for the coming term and already set it up. But for those of you who haven't or those who've read this when planning for term two then I hope you can all find some inspiration.

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I spent quite some time this month trying to figure out how I would set up my bullet journal so I could use it efficiently for university. Before I've had bought planners but never truly used them to their potential, so this year I have a goal to be organised and to actually use my bullet journal to the max.

There are actually two YouTubers who's videos I watched that inspired these pages, you can watch them here and here. I spent a whole afternoon watching bullet journal videos and these were the only two that kept me watching and had spreads that were easy to use, so I hope too that you find them helpful if you are looking.

Okay back to the bullet journal pages I've produced.

On the first page, we have my timetable. Or what will be my timetable, since I haven't done it completely for privacy reasons. I decided I would only put in my lectures, tutorials and practicals on this timetable since though I could schedule in study seasons and what not I don't work like that and find it hard to stick to a study schedule. I work better by planning out what I do each day in the morning so I can gauge my mood for that day and how productive I will be.

Is it of interest if I do more blog posts on how I study and a day in my life sort of thing? Or would that be an idea for Instagram stories?

The next page, or more like double spread, of my bullet journal belongs to the term overview. I know I've called it the semester and we don't call it that here in the UK but one, I was using inspiration from an American bullet journal and two, it looks so much better as semester than term when written down. This page is going to be used for writing term dates, test dates, assignment dates, really anything of importance to that occurs in that month. I do plan on colour coding it depending on my module but I have yet to decide which colour will go with which module; so far I'm thinking purple goes quite well with Solar System Physics.

The final part of the student pages of my bullet journal is the grade tracker. I've never really been one to keep close track of my grades, mainly because before at college and school we didn't have that many 'important' tests throughout the school year, but since now at university I have tests and assignments that make up my grade I want to make sure that everything is adding up so I end up with the grade I want at the end. I've done this as just a term one overview since I get rather a lot of class tests in some subjects, plus some of my modules are only for one term. I'm not sure if I'll keep this particular page going but it's worth a shot.

I've surprisingly written a lot for this bullet journal post compare to last weeks one [that you can find here]. I guess it really does depend on my mood how much I can write.

Also if you haven't noticed already I cut down to put up one blog post a week. This is probably more likely what it's going to be during the term time unless I have a really low moment and don't want to write at all.

Do any of you use a bullet journal for school, college or university, I'd love to see them if you do.

- Sophie

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