University Room Tour - 2nd Year Edition

As I'm sat here now it's been one whole week since I moved back into halls for my second year of university. After a hectic week of starting lectures and being constantly anxious about going to make food since I didn't know any of my new flatmates, I'm here to give you the second edition to my university room tours.

Student Bullet Journal Spread

student bullet journal

For you bullet journal lovers out there it's your lucky month, being that I've got two bullet journal spread blog posts for you all.

I have this feeling that this might be a little late for those of you who have started back at school already, or have been prepared for the coming term and already set it up. But for those of you who haven't or those who've read this when planning for term two then I hope you can all find some inspiration.

September Bullet Journal Spread

It's another month, and that means it is time for another bullet journal spread!

This month is the month to get all set up for going back to university. So there are bits and pieces for that mixed in with September's spread. I will also be putting up a student bullet journal spread in a couple weeks for the pages dedicated just for university.