The first week of unversity was probably one of the toughest weeks I've ever gone through in my life. Far less of a structured schdual than college or school. Knowing practically noone on campus. And not having the warmth and familiarity of home to go back to every day. All these things made the first week, Fresher's Week, one of the most daunting times during my first year at university. So for todays post, with the help of some of my friends, I've gathered a list of trips and tricks to help you survive freshers week.

  1. Search up societies and clubs your university offers before the freshers fair.
    I'm sure every uni offers a freshers fair during freshers week, and one thing I can tell you is that it is crowded and chaotic. So for those of us who get panicked in situations like that, or even if you don't, I definitely suggest looking up societies and clubs beforehand so you can know of some sort of idea to what you want to put your name down for. They set societies up in alphabetical order at my uni at the fair making it easy to know where to go.

  2. Fresher is a good opportunity to make friends with people. Coursemates and flatmates are a great place to start. As Alice put it "They will save you multiple times!"

  3. Be lenient with yourself. Don't feel pressured to be really tired all week from staying out late. If you want to sleep early do. If you want to stay out late do. But do what you feel comfortable with and what your body can cope with.

  4. If you're struggling with being away from home give them a call. It's okay.

  5. Jump right into the deep end.
    Do as much stuff as you can, even if it scares you because it's a good way to get to know people and keep you busy so you won't feel as lost and homesick.

  6. If you drink remember to try and eat properly during the day and try and buy proper food because you will be ill.

  7. Pre-hard. You don't want to go sober because of money. You also don't want to fall for the ridiculous prices of things and spend heaps of money on tickets and alcohol.

  8. Frehsers flu is a thing. So try and drink and eat enough 'healthy' foods. It might be difficult the first week not knowing what to cook for yourself but even some frozen peas with your meals can help [plus you can cook these in the microwave], or even a glass of orange juice for breakfast. Anything that gets those vitamins in you.

  9. Remeber to sleep!

  10. HAVE FUN!

With the help of friends, this is quite the list. I hope if you're going to be a first year this year that you find something off this list helpful.

Fresher's week is a great week. Have fun. Make friends. Set yourself off for a good year.

My DMs are always open if anyone has any questions about university. And if you would like a blog post dedicated to anything send your suggestions my way.

- Sophie

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